Published 2016-12-07
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9 things you may have inherited from your parents

Do you have brown eyes like your mom and long arms like your dad? It’s incredible when we think about these things we inherit from our parents. We inherited almost every single physical attribute from our parents from the copies of their genes. But, did we inherit anything more from our predecessors?
Here are 9 personal attributes you may have never known that you have inherited from your parents:

1. High cholesterol levels

Every one of us believes that high cholesterol levels are largely connected to what we eat. So, if we want to live a long life we have to eat a lot of vegetables, fruit and get plenty of exercise or so goes the common belief.
But, 1 in 500 every people have a special gene inherited from one of their parents which cause the accumulation of cholesterol in their blood. These people will have high levels of cholesterol even though they did not eat anything but vegetable. Mom, dad, why?

2. The pattern of a male’s baldness comes from his mother

As we all learnt in Biology that the X chromosome is inherited from your mother, the gene located in this chromosome plays an important role forming a pattern for a male’s baldness. But don’t rush to blame her for your thinning hairline — there are other genes that play a role here, including ones inherited from your father. Moreover, environmental factors also have an effect on hair loss.

3. Academic excellence

When your mom scolds you for getting a bad grade at school and backs it up by saying she was much better at studies, believe it! She’s most probably right. Studies have shown that academic success is 55% dependent on your genetic inheritance. Thousands of genes are responsible for your academic excellence. So, if your parents were outstanding during their school days, you have great potential.

4. Coffee love

Do you drink a lot of coffee? Well, you can blame your genes for that! Scientists conducted a related study of people who can’t live without coffee and those who can. It turned out that the second group had a particular set of genes which meant they absorbed caffeine more slowly compared to the first group who were hooked on to coffee or let’s just say addicted. This meant that they didn’t feel a particular need to drink it on a regular basis in order to get a rush of energy to go through the day.

5. Color blindness

The inability to differentiate between colors is something a person inherits through genes. This happens mostly to males who have it passed down from their mothers. Why? It’s due to the fact that within their genetic makeup, the defect of the single maternal X chromosome is not compensated for, whereas women have an "emergency" X chromosome from their fathers.

6. Lactose intolerance

Surprising isn’t it? Studies have shown that 65% of the adults have lowered the ability to take in lactose or in simple terms milk sugar. A single gene is responsible for this. When we are still infants and need milk to survive, our body creates enzymes to digest lactose but only a fraction of people lose the ability to digest lactose as they get older.

7. The ability to drive a car

This suspicion has been confirmed by scientists that not everyone has the innate ability to drive a car. Well, you can learn all the rules and pass your driving test somehow, but if you have a special genes which prevents you from orientating yourself, the speed of your reactions, or your memory, then we think driving is not made for you. You’re likely to get distracted while driving and will be at greater risk of being in an accident. Studies show that at most 30% of the population is affected by this gene.

8. Shortsightedness

The likeliness of a person developing shortsightedness is inherited. If both parents have the problem, you will most likely develop it sooner or later. However, this trait can’t be balmed on genetics solely. Those who spend less time sitting in front of a computer and avoid straining their eyes are far less likely to suffer from shortsightedness.

9. Popularity

This is what everyone seeks and wants. Unbelievable that it’s inherited right? Can’t digest the fact that a person’s popularity is hidden in their genes? Well, scientists at Harvard reach that conclusion after long years of research. People, whose parents were popular among their peers passed on their genes to their descendants. The people who inherited these genes are those who are popular among their peers and who people often want to be friends with.

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