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What does true friendship mean?!

Human is a social being, even if from time to time we like to stay or be alone for a while, in most cases we need another person to function. People must have a person with whom they can share the secret, ask for advice, or just tell something. Sometimes it is enough when the other person only listens to us. It may be a husband, a friend from work, or a neighbor...

What does true friendship mean?! 1

Often, it takes many years for someone to become our friend. In order for a person to become close to us, you have to trust him/her and know that regardless of the situation, you can always count on him/her. Their honesty can be brutal sometimes but you always know that whatever they say, they are right and they say something only for your own good.

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True friends do not color reality or compliment you all the time. That does not mean they do not say anything nice, but they do it only when they really think so. They do not please you to make you feel better. They know you probably the best and you do not have to pretend before them, so they will not pretend in front of you as well. The friend tells you honestly about the situation in which you are or will reveal a brutal truth because that is his/her job.

What does true friendship mean?! 3

A real friend is a person who tells you that you look bad and that you should change something, even if this truth is going to get you down and even spoil your mood. But they have to notice such things, and their words come from concern for you. A friend sees things, when something or someone interferes with you, destroys you or by which you close yourself.

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What does true friendship mean?! 4

They know who really loves you and who destroys you or whom you should avoid. That's why sometimes it is hard to believe them or to accept what they say, but remember that it is not their wrong will and they simply care for you. These people do not care what behoove or not behoove them, they are honest and sincere because they are your friends. They want the best for you.

What does true friendship mean?! 5

Even when you are blinded by love and their truth turns out to be brutal and cruel, they will tell you that your partner is not good for you, that he treats you wrongly and is not the right person to make a relationship with. They will tell you the truth that you even don't want to hear. In such situations, do not be angry, but talk about how friends can help you go through the difficult situation because they do not want to complicate your life at all.

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True friends always stand on your side. They will comfort you when you have a broken heart, support when you are looking for a job or an idea for a living. The friend is the person with whom you can cry, and she/he will say that everything will be okay. The friend does not judge nor rate. He/she listens to you, understands your emotions and is the person you can call at any time of the day or night.

What does true friendship mean?! 7

A friend is a person with whom you share not only those good moments but also the bad ones. In addition, with friends, you rarely argue, if at all, because they are not jealous. They give you a sincere love and are proud of your successes. They do not want you to suffer and are always guided by sincere emotions towards you. And you can be sure that if you have a real friend by your side, he/she certainly will not harm you.

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What does true friendship mean?! 8

Friendship is a spiritual and emotional bond based on mutual understanding and shared experiences. Its most important features are trust, fidelity, and sincerity. And it is not important whether you see your friend every day or maybe once a week or month. Because even if you do not meet too often, you know that he/she is there and will never fail you. And this awareness alone gives man power.

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At the end of this article, we remind you that friendship is based on reciprocity. If what you have read relates to your friend write him about it, but ask if he thinks so much about you as well. Are you also a person who comforts him, understands and is trustworthy? Even if in the days of Facebook you have many friends who like your pictures and post, it is important to have one or two people that you really can call a TRUE FRIEND.

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What does true friendship mean?! 10
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