Published 2017-10-03
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How to pick up a shy guy and make him ask you out!

The wrong or better say the common idea about dating is that a man must make the first move. Because of this, shy men are already being skipped, since they do not have the courage to approach the girl they like. Now, imagine if you really are into this one guy and you cannot get his thoughts off your mind! You already know that he is into you as well but he does not make his first move! The first thing would be thinking about how you should be patient and probably after a while he will come around…

However, that is not the case! You have been waiting for so long but there were no signs! Not even the tiniest one to reassure you that he is taking his time to ask you out! That is why in such cases, a woman should take the initiative and not take care of conventions. It is fine to go to the guy and make the first move as the lady! Not always men are the ones who should take the first step. Here are 8 tips on how to make a shy guy ask you out!

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1. Do not take his shyness personally

The first thing you have to realize is that his shyness is not directed at you. Such a man may seem angry or not interested in your personality but in fact is trying to hide his insecurity and fear of contact with another person. That he does not flirt with you does not mean that he does not like you. Reading his true intentions will take some time. So you need to be more careful in order to read the signs correctly.

2. Go to him

In the case of a shy guy, you have to take the lead. Be confident and natural. Do not be afraid of anything! He will be more than happy to make your acquaintance. Just go to the boy who caught your eye and start talking to him. If you have the opportunity to learn something about him like what he likes, what he is interested in, then that is a positive point. Perhaps you are going to a class together or lectures. If you wait until he takes the first step, it may take ages.

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3. Add him on any social media

Remember, do not stalk him! Having him on your Facebook or Instagram or any social platforms can help to make him feel more comfortable! You see how shy people are the bravest online!? Then let’s just go with the same strategy to see if it will work in your case or not! A good way to take the first step is to contact through social media. The shy boy will not feel intimidated and will have a chance to think of the answer. It may feel better talking to you in chat rooms than face to face. With a contact on the Internet, you have the chance to meet him and make friends with him.

4. Compliment him

Or even compliment him! One way to help a man open up to you is to compliment him. You can also try to flirt with him, but too bold approach may not work for a shy guy. Try to tell him something nice and simple, like, "You look great in this blue shirt" or "I feel great in your company.". Compliments do not only work on ladies! Men also like to feel liked and appreciated, so why not give them what is quite rare to find?!

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5. Ask him for help

This one comes hand in hand with complimenting! It actually is another form of complimenting only in this case he actually is being complimented for something he is doing. Another way to dare a man is to ask him for help, something he is good at. Just remember to get out naturally, otherwise, the guy will guess that's a trick. If you study together, you can ask him to explain the intricate lecture, or to help prepare for a difficult exam. Men really love to help.

6. Body language

Pay special attention to his body language. When it comes to shy guys, getting tips on whether or not you really care about it will be a bit tricky, but feasible. Perhaps the man is too afraid to tell you a compliment or start flirting but look at his attitude. See how he stands or sits when you are nearby. Does he feel happy or rather look bored. The same non-verbal signs for ladies can apply here in shy men’s case.

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7. Confess

Ya! Tell him how you feel! If you notice that the man is really interested in you and starts to feel comfortable in your company, it's time to take the next step. You do not have to love him right away. Just tell him that you like to talk to him or spend time together. Perhaps you are scared too, but only in this way will you know what he feels. Remember that if you do not say this, you may never be able to get a chance to be with him so forget all about the fears and try!

8. Invite him for a date

Once you have explained what you really feel, you can try to go out together. If the boy told you he liked you but did not invite you to go on a date with him, it was just because he was nervous and scared. Ask for a joint meeting. It does not have to be a candlelit dinner right away, you can make an appointment for a movie. This is an ideal solution because it does not force you to keep talking and you can be close to each other.

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