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8 Reasons why Kashmiris are the best kind of people!

‘'Beauty lies in the beholder’s eye’ may be a common cliche but it is full of sense when it comes to Kashmir and their people. It is a beautiful state full of valleys, mountains, snow and everything a person would love to see when they wake up in the morning. And the people? Even better! Here’s why we think they’re the best! And don’t tell us we didn’t warn you, but you will be running off to find yourself a Kashmiri friend by the end of this post.

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1. They are beautiful people

No one can disagree when we say that they are beautiful people inside and out. Those belong to the Kashmir valley and flanking hill areas are generally very fair, have light eyes and sharp features. These are essentially genetic (DNA) characteristics and gifts of climatic conditions. Nevertheless, we couldn’t be more proud that they are part of our country.

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2. They have the best teas

Let’s face it. India has some of the best teas. We are just good at them! But there’s something about the tea the Kashmiris make that is so good! Maybe it is the way they make, we don’t know. But you will have to try it at least once in your life! Trust us when we say, if your future Kashmiri friend makes tea for you once, they will make it for you for the rest of their lives. (LOL!)

3. Romantic

With a beautiful state as theirs, it is guaranteed you can have Bollywood style romance your whole life! Every single bone in their body is made up of love. They might have this hard shell that is not easy to crack into, but once they trust and are comfortable around a person, they are basically an open book. They are quite old-fashioned when it comes to love.

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4. Hard working

They are not the type to procrastinate. Unlike some of us... They put in so much dedication into anything they do, it’s either give 200% or nothing. Their work is almost always perfect which is obvious from their local handicrafts. They never ever stop what they are doing mid-way, they make it a point to finish what they started. No matter how long it is going to take. Can we say the same about us? We think not.

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5. They are down to earth

People from Kashmir don’t have a lot of demands for materialistic things in life. They find joy and happiness in simple things like family, friends, love, and laughter. They live in the moment and cherish every moment. They are great people to be around. Don’t ever underestimate them because most people have this stereotypical thought that they are quite naive in life.

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6. They can be wise and intellectual

People from Kashmir believe it is never too late to learn. Wherever they go they are always learning something new. It often happens that they unknowingly impart their knowledge to others. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, people see it as being boastful while in fact, they are just excited to share the new thing they learned. So instead, be open to the amazing things they have to tell you!

7. Happy go lucky

Kashmiris prefer to live in the moment rather than stress over the future. They like to deal with situations as they come. When everyone else is thinking of what is going to happen tomorrow, people of Kashmir think about today. This way they can cherish every single moment of life. They don’t hold grudges for that long either! Unless you piss them off or betray them, then you lose a great friend…

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8. They are charming

People from Kashmir are charismatic. They have the ability to win everyone’s hearts with their charming attitude. They have a positive influence on everyone they meet and they are like a ball of energy. It’s hard not to be influenced by them. They are quite popular too, and no matter how much attention they get, they will always value your friendship. What better friend, right?!

It is hard to summarise all the best things about them into a few points. Honestly, words couldn't describe it. So if you don't have a Kashmiri friend, what are you waiting for?! What else can you add to the list? Let us know in the comments! We will be happy to hear what you think! We would love to hear more! If you would like us to write about the people from your state, let us know about that too!

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