Published 2017-10-06
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5 Signs that you emotionally depend on him!

In a relationship, it is only normal that you depend on the person you are with. As your relationship develops, you want to do everything with your loved one which is totally normal because you know that the pleasure of doing it with him is much more than hanging out with your friends. However, sometimes, it goes out of control and people cannot live without their significant other. That is no longer “healthy dependence" and you cannot label it as love anymore.

Possessing someone. Feeling like they need to be there with you no matter what is not the healthy love everyone adores anymore. It will get agitating. It is more of an emotional addiction that obsession comes along with it. When you think your partner is all over your world, you can start to fear, and this relationship cannot be good for long. The article today is provided for you with the help of Sylwia Żbik-Weiss, psychologist.

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With whatever we just discussed you can be sure that sooner or later there will be a crisis. The marriage symbol is two rings, placed on a common finger, but it is extremely important that each person in the pair has his/her own independent world. Answer yourself the question whether the following points concern you. Whether you are addicted to your man and you are trapped in your fear of losing a relationship. If the titles you find in the article apply to you, you need to rethink your relationship.

I rarely say "no", I will often grate for much, just to satisfy my partner.
If you are afflicted with "addiction to love," you will often withdraw your ideas or disagreements just to avoid the other half to not confront you. The fear you experience causes you to come up with different negative scenarios of your actions in accordance with your wishes and needs. You can be sure that surrender is the wrong way, which paradoxically distances you from your partner.

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A woman who acts in this way must take into account that the partner will cease to respect her and take into account her opinion. Your differences, other perceptions of the world, are more interesting for a man. Fear of confrontation can be broken, although sometimes women mistaken negotiations with the quarrel and decide to withdraw. In this way, a vicious circle arises. This changes verbal and nonverbal communication.

There is nothing important and interesting to me about our relationship.
If you do not want to go anywhere, your world is home and work, and sometimes only home, then you have to think about what happened, you decide to live in a cage of a relationship. Did you agree to that? Are you closing yourself and your partner in this cage? First, ask yourself who has the key to this padlock - do you or your partner? It is possible that you have closed yourself and if so, it would be good for your relationship to open the door.

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The next step is to think about yourself: what I like and what I have not done for a long time. It may be that you have not been to a meeting with friends, favorite fitness classes, yoga, etc. , where you are too tight, the time is getting stuffy, boring, but we are quick to get used to it. Being outside of the house, creating other worlds outside the relationship, may not come easy, but it is essential for the good of the relationship.

Relationship is a panacea for all my problems.
This is a dangerous situation that can make you emotionally addicted. If you cannot make any decision without consulting your partner, if you are wondering what he is thinking about before, you have a problem. Putting your life into the hands of a partner, you condemn yourself to emotional bondage. The chance to change is your awareness, your awareness of what you are. By making some changes in your life, you can save yourself and your relationship.

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I feel less important in this relationship.
Toxic love receives self-esteem. You do not have the ability to feel your strength, your efficiency, and therefore your values ​in a relationship. You are in control of your partner. You often get angry at him, you feel humiliated, but you do not have the strength to fight or leave him. Sometimes you fight, but in conclusion, you do as your partner. The toxins you are feeding are the best way to be depressed.

Unbalance giving and taking.
A woman who is incapacitated, often blames her partner for her suffering, does not understand what she is doing, because she is trying hard. Ask your husband for help with many matters relating to home life, children. It does not have to be quarrels and pretensions. Reinforce all good husband's initiatives, he will want to give you more. Encourage the care of children, abandon thinking that only with you child will grow, that you will explain math faster. This is a vicious circle that needs to be changed. You are not irreplaceable, you are just as important as your partner.

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