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Difference between dating a husband material and a non husband material

Getting in a relationship is something that we are always looking forward to because we want to get to that one person that we will live the rest of our lives with sooner. We have covered so many articles on how to fall in love, how to be in a relationship, how to make him fall for you but what happens after that?! What if you are in a relationship that gives you nothing but agony?! What if you are dating someone who is not mature enough?!

So many women all around the world choose to stay in their corrupted relationships for various reasons one of which could be that they were threatened by the guy. So what is really important is feeling secure in a relationship and knowing that if something crosses your path, any obstacle, you will figure how to get over it and face it together as a couple. That is one of the most soothing parts of each relationship.

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However, when you do not have this, things are not going much the right way. You will technically be the guy in the relationship. The one who needs to take care of everything and he will be the kid you always need to take care of. On the other hand, dating someone who is mature enough will take all this away from you and introduce you to a new world. The grown-ups world!

Have you ever thought about the differences between having a relationship with a boy and a man? Which one of them are you having a relationship with?! Why don’t we give you the answers!
Go through our article and find out! If you feel more associated with the things on the boy section you are dating an immature guy and if it applies to the man part, congratulations, you are in an adult relationship with a better chance of having a future.

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The boy says he loves you. The man tells you that he loves you and proves it to be true.
The boy feels that you are not good enough. The man makes you want to be a better woman.
The boy is possessive. The man protects you. There is a thin line between these two.
The boy makes you feel that you should not shame him and lower your ambitions. The man is not threatened by your success, he is proud of you and inspires you.

The boy is interested in his own pleasure. A man cannot have fun unless he knows you have fun too.
The boy does not appreciate. A man is not afraid to challenge you because he knows what you are capable of.
The boy will be interested in your life as long as it can have something to do with him. The man will be interested in your life because he cares about you.

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The boy is afraid of the idea of ​feminism. The man understands that feminism is simply a belief that men and women are equal.
The boy thinks he has to give you everything. The man knows that the relationship means that both of you are giving each other everything.
The boy traps and attacks others because of anger or other emotions. The man admits he needs you and says he needs to talk, even if it makes him feel uncomfortable.

The boy always thinks about whether it could be a better option for him. A man knows when he has something good and never takes it for granted.
The boy always has excuses. The man admires himself when he dives and always does everything to fix it.
The boy is demanding or impossible to grasp. A man always has time for you and at the same time, he has a life outside of your relationship.

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The boy is only interested in beauty. A man appreciates your physical beauty, but he is attracted to your personality the most.
The boy thinks he knows everything. The man thinks that there is always something new to learn from everyone he meets.
The boy focuses on what he wants right now. The man cherishes what is now and always plans the future.
The boy spends time with your friends if he likes them. The man spends time with them, regardless of his feelings towards them, because if they are important to you, they are also for him.

The boy makes decisions based on his immediate desires. A man understands the concept of rationality and has priorities.
The boy needs you because of his delicate self. The man needs you because he believes his life is better with you.
The boy takes care of what you look like in the eyes of his friends. The man is not worried about what others think until you are happy together.

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