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Horoscope for the week: October 9, 2017 - October 15, 2017


Monday and Tuesday you're number one, top of the charts. It's like your face is splashed across billboards throughout the land. Your reputation makes strangers want to know you. And you're interested in knowing other people, especially, faraway people. You want to see the world. Use your connections to work toward your biggest dreams this week. Going somewhere exotic can, have a grounding effect. Saturday or Sunday, someone you know announces that they want to travel with you. This is the best idea that's come along in a while.


A philosophical approach can certainly make your life seem more amusing and more like a play than real life. But watch out for pretension and righteousness on Monday and Tuesday. In the middle of the day on Wednesday, something happens that alters your perspective, it may be as small as a confusing comment from a friend, or something bigger. Thursday and Friday are great days, full of more small revelations, tons of them that would be hard to articulate to anyone else. There's a certain pleasure in that. Your weekend could be described as a series of radical ideas.

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You really don't have to wonder what your days have in store for you on Monday and Tuesday, because outcomes are up to you. Your days will consist of whatever you want them to contain. That said, don't foist your will upon other people, or they may foist bad feelings back. Wednesday afternoon is a turning point in your week: Suddenly the simplest thing may become unmanageably complex. Thursday and Friday, no one offers you any information about what they're thinking, you have to coax it out of them. This weekend, your social gears are oiled and conversation comes effortlessly.


You're having a hard time allocating resources and deciding on priorities at the start of the week. Monday and Tuesday are halting, taxing days. Do something to get your blood flowing. A brisk walk? Push-ups? Wednesday brings about a turn toward introspection. You decide that maybe you don't want to go to the movies Wednesday night after all. Or on Thursday or Friday. Or, if you do go to the movies, you feel like going alone. (There is a certain comfort in doing that.) This weekend, when you try to re-engage socially, someone else will be in the mood to go their own way. Funny timing!

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Flipping idly through a magazine at the start of the week, you find yourself burning with the desire to see Belize. Or Costa Rica. Or Russia. The civilization that surrounds you is starting to wear on your patience, and the idea of faces you don't recognize sounds thrilling. The desire to travel is connected to the desire to get into shape for you, but there's a difference between the two things, in many ways. Wednesday through Friday, anyone's happy to hear about travel, but no one really wants to talk fitness. Vanity is to be avoided this week and weekend.


You feel like a caged animal on Monday and Tuesday, not caged against your will, but caged by your sense of obligation (most likely to your family). You take your responsibilities more seriously than most people do, which is why you're destined for great success. But this seriousness can make certain afternoons boring. Thankfully, Wednesday afternoon and all of Thursday and Friday are not boring in the least. There's some laughing. There's some romance. (Lots, actually) There's even serious, ambitious dreaming about the future. This weekend, nothing stands in your way.

There's so much emotional support for the NEXT sign this week!


You have a bunch of stuff on the stove right now, and everything's looking good. There's a lot going on. Your friends are pitching in to help, your family is excited about the things you're doing and you're getting the support you want. When everything's going so well, it's strange for the tide to change suddenly, but that's what happens midday on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, your sentimental side gets the better of you, and you feel weird for vague reasons. This is, thankfully, an exception, a random bump, a nothing. Come Saturday, you're productive and glowing again. Sunday is a treasure.


There's too much riding on the risk to justify it to your more conservative friends on Monday and Tuesday. But if you really feel like taking it, and you have it in you to deal with the consequences come what may, well, go ahead. Proceed with care. Wednesday through Friday, you're focused on managing several factors related to the risk, and on managing relationships. Your boss figures strongly (and is in a good mood) toward the end of the workweek. It is an exhausting week, ambition is exhausting and produces tiring anxiety. You spend your weekend at home and that's exhausting, too. Time for a nap!

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You make people so insanely happy on Monday and Tuesday that no matter what you're doing -- be it work-related or school-related or chore-related, it feels like a party. That's a sign that you're doing something right. The party, metaphorically speaking, breaks up sometime around Wednesday. You spend Thursday and Friday around fewer people, but you remain in a euphoric, curious mood. This weekend, craving conversation and contact, you end up meeting a perfect stranger (or several) and becoming fast friends. You're great at having a good time.


Monday and Tuesday you're occupied with finding containers for your wild, abstract ideas. How can you pour your energy into a project that makes sense to the outside world? Or that furthers your career? Or that means something? The seeming impossibility of it is staggering but also makes it worth doing. A surprise success in the middle of the day Wednesday is auspicious. Thursday and Friday are an uninterrupted string of successes. By the time the weekend rolls around, you're looking for ways to get more done and nap at the same time. Now if you could pull that off...

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You have enough room at the table to squeeze a few more people in, absolutely. That's your attitude on Monday and Tuesday. Not everyone has the gumption you do, and your willingness to take others under your wing will be repaid tenfold. As the week continues, it presents more and more challenges. Wednesday is confusing, Thursday is a total mess and Friday is apocalyptically dramatic. Thankfully, you're not invested in the drama, so your response is only a very general tiredness. It isn't until the weekend that you get to have some fun. Lots of it, actually.


Disagreements are surprisingly useful on Monday and Tuesday. Someone else's perspective doesn't contradict your perspective; it simply gives you dimension. That's how you should think about it. Competition is good, and it's not personal. Wednesday through Friday provide plenty of chances for you to prove that you're not out to get anyone and that you're a sympathetic person willing to give what others need. These are good things to demonstrate, especially during a week when convictions are strong and feelings run deep. This weekend, all you feel like doing is helping people.

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