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His body language shows whether or not he is interested in you!

Women have always wanted to guess the man's thoughts in order to understand him and to read his feelings towards his beloved. In our many articles, we have repeatedly tried to help you understand the opposite sex. Today's text will be no different. You will learn how through his body language he shows that he is interested in you and he definitely wants something more from you. See which signs can tell you, that you are unique for him.

1. Bigger pupils
Pupils can get bigger in two situations. First when you are in dark place, second when your brain sends a signal that something has attracted you and you really like it. It is an impulse. So if you seat together in bright place and you can look him in the eye and see that his pupils are bigger than normal it means that he is totally into you. It shows that he is pleased in what he sees.

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2. He raises his eyebrows.
When people like something, they subconsciously open they eyes. So if he raises his eyebrows when you are talking, it means that he is interested in you and in what you say.

3. He smiles
It is said that adult men smile widely or with showing teeth only when they are really happy. That's why if you see him with a big smile, that changes and involves his face, it means that he feels comfortable around you and you put him in a good mood.

4. He looks at your face
We are learned that when you are in love you cannot take your eyes from the person’s eyes, and you can stare at each other for a long time. But nowadays, staring at somebody's eyes during a conversation might make some feel uncomfortable. That's why specialists claim, that if he looks at your face (eyes, nose, lips) in 80% of the time you were talking, it means he is interested in you.

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5. He sees you and takes a deep breath
You might think that he is nervous when he does it but is not a whole truth. When a man takes a very deep breath so that he puffs out his chest and makes his body look broader, it means that subconsciously he wants to look more attractive and even desirable. So when he does it just after he sees you, you might be sure that he wants to gain your attention and impress you with his attractiveness.

6. He stands with his hands on hips and with elbows out to the sides
This is a typical attitude for men, who want to show his strength and preponderance of other men. This signal means that this territory is taken and by showing his male power in such a way he wants to impress you. It is the sign for other men to stay away but for a woman that he will take care of her security and comfort. And when he wants to do it, it means he likes you more.

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7. He leans toward you
No matter what the situation is, when you are close to each other and talk, and he still leans toward you it means that he desires a little bit of intimacy, he is interested in what you say and in you as well.

8. He strokes your knee
In a situation when he initiates a touch, no matter if it is a knee or your face or hair, it might be the signal that he wants to check if you are interested in intimacy. But if after this he stops and smiles, it means that he actually is interested in you as a person.

9. He points his toes toward you

Specialists of body language say that in such situation feet point where the heart wants to go. It is done subconsciously, that's why it is important to realize that in a specific moment. For example, when you are sitting and talking in a restaurant, or when you gently touch or stroke him, if after that you will see that his feet angle goes in your direction, it means that yes, he is interested in you.

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10. He touches his throat
When he touches his throat during a conversation mostly means that he is interested in you and wants to look good in your eyes. But be careful! This signal and such a behavior might be used by a very dishonest, clever and aware guy, who only wants to tease you. Look at the context of the conversation and pay attention to other signs from this list to know what he really means.

11. He walks beside you
It is not a situation when he holds your hand and goes ahead to make a space for you to go through a crowd. But in a normal situation, when you are walking through a park for example. If you go side by side it means that he is into you and concerned about you.

12. He plays with objects
When he touches his glass, phone or other things when you are talking, it might mean that he is nervous and shy, or he is so attracted to you that only what he thinks is to touch you...

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