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Decode the wordless ways to express love with the help of celebrity couples!

There are millions of ways to express the love that you have for someone and only one is to actually say it! Have you ever seen a couple that has been all over each other expressing their love verbally and then after a while they split?! That is because there are some signs that can give away more than what words can. The body language can be something that speaks louder than words and in today’s article, we are going to decode that with the help of our Bollywood couples!

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Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan, the favorite couple of Bollywood is the definition of love. Shah Rukh Khan believes the reason they work out is: “Gauri and my relationship have been geared entirely towards raising our children. That's what eventually happens. Parents become parents at one point and that changes it all. We have a badass 18-year-old, a dainty 16-year-old and then there's the 3-year-old little gangster. Our conversations, our life together is through the prism of our children. They've been our focal point and have literally kept our world intact.”

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There also is another perfect couple, Twinkle Khanna about her 16-year-old marriage with Akshay Kumar says: “Our ideologies are very different. The things that we talk about are very different. But we look up to each other for our different abilities. I do point out things in his films that, as a man, he might not pick up on. But he’s then free to do what he wants with that information. It’s the same the other way around.” so why don’t we start with this couple to see what nonverbal signs they show?!

Touch of hands

Jamie Comstock of Butler University says: “The presence of a touch is a sign of affection because it sends a message of inclusion: I want to be closer to you. You can say, 'I love you' 30 times a day, but if you only touch the person minimally -- rarely hug, kiss, or show appropriate physical affection -- that 'I love you' will ring pretty hollow to him or her. The fingertips are extremely sensitive to touch, so you get a good message right back.”

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It has been said that the touch of the hands of the one you love releases a chemical in your body which is called oxytocin which is responsible for the reduction of stress and the way you touch the hands of your loved one can talk about your intimacy. Let’s analyse the picture that was posted by Akshay Kumar. Them holding hands with Akshay Kumar’s hand on top which presents the dominant one in the relationship. They are the perfect couple of Bollywood.


The example of this is a picture of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja shared on Instagram and even though it was meant to be stylish, the two are mirroring each other’s position of feet. This is called isopraxism in anthropologists. The synchrony of actions. According to David Givens, anthropologist, “The more alike you are, the more you like each other. It strengthens your bond.". The love this couple has for one another is all in the air.

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Eye contact

The perfect example of eye contact and locked eyes is no other couple than Shahid and Mira Kapoor. Lingering eye lock is the sign of the strong bond in the relationship. You might have noticed that when you have feelings for someone you tend to hold the gaze longer than usual. That is enough to guarantee the feeling that you have for the significant other. The great illustration of that is on red carpets and award shows. Also this couple masters everything!


Talking about eye contact, there also is another sign with the help of eyes and that is rapid blinking. Givens says: “We blink faster when excited because eyelid movements reflect bodily arousal levels established by the brain stem's reticular activating system (RAS).”. You can also use this sign to find out if the love the person has for you is sincere or not! The faster they blink, it is more likely that they are lying.

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Much more like a nonstop smile! You find yourself smiling whenever their name comes up. The smile that happens only by looking at the person you have this thing that gives away your feelings toward that person. Laughing also is another one. People who are in love, they tend to laugh at every single thing their significant other says whether it is funny or not! Just take a look at this picture of Anushka and Virat for the advertisement they were shooting together.

The arm link

This way of holding hands can be seen a lot more when couples are walking on the red carpet but when it happens somewhere else, in a picture or anywhere that is not so formal, it means something more. The love they have for each other can be seen in this gesture. In this position, the one who is holding the arm is the one who is looking for their partner’s protection and also to show possessiveness like the picture of this couple.

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