Published 2017-10-09
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3 Secret Bollywood couples!

A recent example of this trend has been happening in India as well! Can you guess who?! Kangana is the queen of controversies now! Right when you feel like it is going to go away, she comes back with more! Sometimes it is her sister, sometimes her interview and whatever she says there! Then lately, we had Hrithik writing an open letter on the matter! How crazy is that?! This is literally putting your relationship and business on the street for the publicity!

Some celebrities choose to go ahead and handle everything with fuss and some do not even talk about their relationship in public! Anushka can be one of the great examples in India! Whenever she was asked about her boyfriend directly or indirectly, she shut the media and she still is doing it! Or even Ranveer and Deepika! However, there are some couples that are even quieter than these! Here is the list!

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