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Examples of "DOUBLE STANDARD" that only people in India can understand...

Double standards exist in every single society and India is no exception. A role that is applied in different ways to a different group of people can happen in every kind of society no matter how educated that society is and how gender equality works in that society. However, we cannot deny the fact that it affects women more than men. In our society, if a lady goes on a date and she does not pay for it, she is considered stingy and if she does, she is considered bossy!

Or when you show up anywhere, bare face, people start asking you if you are sick or something is wrong with you or not. However, when you do have makeup on, you are considered quite flashy! This also affects our celebrities as well! Actors can play whatever age group regardless of their own age but when it comes to women, by the time they hit 40, all they can play is the role of a mother, sometimes even grandmas!

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Even about the things that we wear. Indian women are expected to wear traditional clothing in family gatherings and places of worship while men can wear whatever they desire. Wearing jeans and short skirts are still considered inappropriate. It is not that we do not like the traditional outfit but the fact that it is not a choice is what is considered as unfair. Or while girls are going through the process of their period…

It is forbidden for them to visit any temples! Families want the best for their daughters but when it comes to the daughter in laws, it is not so common to let her work! However, we do need to mention that it is not only in India. In most parts of the world, men get more income working in the same position as women which is quite unfortunate when you think about it. It has been like this for quite a long time and we still are fighting for our equal rights.

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It is clear that our society has changed in the last 100 years, but that does not mean that there is still not a long way to go, and the great variety of moral standard has divided the society in 2017 and has defined a new definition for the perfection. That is why we have compiled a set of insightful illustrations that can make us discover the uncomfortable truths that hide behind some situations of daily life. Judging by these images, it is clear that terms like "gender equality" are reduced to a mere slogan. Do not hesitate to check it for yourself…


We are fed up with seeing all sorts of advertisements where the exposure of the skin is praised, in many forms, but it is strongly criticized that mothers breastfeed their babies in public places. There are thousands of commercials, magazines, posters... showing women in bikini, miniskirts, dresses ... and this is not annoying. However, if a woman is forced to unclog her breast to nurse her child, everyone sees it as disagreeable. Has it ever happened to you?

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Do not approach if you are not handsome...

This is probably a situation that can affect both men and women. What the illustration tries to explain is that, in certain situations, when a person wants to make a compliment, (as in this case, a co-worker complimenting by saying that "she looks very pretty"), we accept it in different ways depending on the issuer of the compliment. In other words, if the person who gives us a compliment is handsome, elegant and with a good body, it does look charming. However, if the person who says it is someone "plump" and rather ugly, it will appear to us somewhat unpleasant or even think that he is an "abuser."

How can you enjoy your meal?

We return to a double standard that is very much in today's society. In fact, some have even called it "gordofobia", as if it is an accepted trend as something totally natural. Basically, it is about the discrimination received by people considered as such, often being ridiculed and suffering obstacles in trying to live normally. The image shows a thin and well-built girl eating junk food, to which society replies that "she is beautiful", "she looks tender" and so on. On the other hand, if the person who does it is "fat", people start saying things like "please stop now because you're fat" or "have you considered eating a healthier diet?".

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Relationships and clothing

These types of scenarios are given a lot at the time of love relationships, especially among teenagers. Whenever a modest and "normal" boy, who does not emphasize too much on any physical aspect, dares to ask him to leave a beautiful and good body girl, but this one rejects, we say she is superficial. However, if the case is different, and a completely normal girl asks him to leave a handsome boy, it is said that he is desperate. Why? The same is true about clothing. A short dress can teach too much and incite "sin", and a long one may indicate that you are a prude... What are we left with?

The complexion of both genders

Well, in this section you do not have to talk too much because the photograph that we have attached speaks for itself. Simply saying that this happens to both boys and girls and that both the fat and the thin are affected in many ways. For example, if an overweight boy manages to have an intimate relationship with a beautiful, well-built girl. However, when it comes to the opposite case, we say: "Sure, girl! Do not be afraid to show yourself as you are, you do not need to lose weight!" Obviously, this can change in both cases, and the tables can be turned completely.

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