Published 2017-10-10
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Salman Khan helps his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma to debut in Bollywood!

Salman Khan is one of the most talented and successful actors in Bollywood and one of the Khans that ruled the B-town since the 1990s. He is also one of the highest paid stars, but no wonder as he holds the record of 8 movies in a row that earned more than Rs 100 crores. With such a success it is easy to become supercilious and conceited. But not in the case of this actor!

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Salman Khan alongside the amazing career is also known for his big heart, charity and believing in giving newcomers a chance for a career as well. Because he remembers his own start, mostly he spares his time in between filming to listen to young people's script ideas and he supports many movie debuts. Among people that he had help are many famous stars right now...

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From big names that Big Boss has helped to appear or go back to a big screen, we can mention Katrina Kaif, who after a disastrous debut thanks to the Salman Khan made a re-entry into Hindi films as a promising actress, which she definitely became in the future. Although she denies everything people like to believe that signing Katrina up for his brother’s production was for her a spark to get more offers and start a big career.

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Another hot name from the list of people brought to the spotlight by BB is Arjun Kapoor. Salman Khan as a sports guru helped the younger actor to lose a lot of weight, prepared a strict workout schedule and it is said even self-trained him. He didn't need to help him with a career but thanks to a new body Arjun Kapoor gained a lot of female fans and movie offers that came after that.

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Recently the whole Bollywood have heard another big news that this helpful and kind superstar has finalized to launch his brother-in-love Aayush Sharma career with a romantic-action movie. This young man is a husband of Salman's sister Arpita Khan, who is known for appearing in Indian Idol as a contestant. Based on Bombay Times' report it is already known that the movie will be launched by Salman through his production studio Salman Khan Films (SKF).

What's more the director of the yet- untitled film will be another debutant Abhiraj Minawala, who worked previously as an assistant of director Ali Abbas Zafar. BB met him while he was making the 'Sultan' movie. Salman Khan congratulated his newcomers in a post on a Twitter, which you can see below. The only thing we can say is bravo, and that we are looking forward to seeing the cameo of Salman in this production.

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