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8 Foreign actors who did not succeed in Bollywood

In Bollywood, once you are a star you are treated like a god. People follow you at every step, they pay attention to all you do and say, and faithful fans are able to do everything for their idols. Being a star of this huge film industry means fame, money, luxury, and influence. Of course, there is nothing for free, actors in B-town mostly have several talents; they sing, dance, play. And often their way to the top is not easy.

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As many Bollywood stars are trying to get an interesting role in foreign films (read here), so are foreign actors and actresses trying to appear in Indian films. But this audience is very demanding and not many foreign stars are successful on this movie market. Often after one or several roles they simply disappear from screens. Today we will see what happened to them and what they are doing...

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1. Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori comes from Montevideo, Mexico. She debuted in TV soap opera and later appeared in few movies and hi-rated telenovelas there. Then she became the first Mexican actress, who starred in Bollywood movie. She was stunning in romantic drama Kites alongside Hrithik Roshan. Maybe because the movie was a flop we have never again seen this actress in another Indian movie. She returned to Mexico, where she continues her acting career.

2. Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson is Australian born actor, who left the country to study acting and theatre in New York, and then start a career in LA. After his first hit, horror movie The Ring, in 2005 he starred opposite Indian actress Aishwarya Rai in the romantic Bollywood-English coproduction Bride & Prejudice. Although it was a quite successful film around the world after it, the actor went back to Hollywood, and recently we can watch him in Grey's Anatomy TV series.

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3. Clive Standen

Do you remember Charles 'Charlie' Brown from the movie Namastey London? This character was Katrina Kaif’s British boyfriend and was played by Clive Standen. We don't know if you wanted to still see him in Bollywood movies, but after his debut, he went back to Hollywood, where he is one of the hottest names right now, thanks to TV shows like Vikings and Taken.

4. Erika Kaar

Erika Kaar is a Polish actress who just started her career. And at the beginning of the path to fame, she debuted also in Bollywood movie alongside Ajay Devgn in Shivaay in 2016. If an audience likes her there is the probability that she will return to India one day. Recently she starred in American TV series called American Gods as well as polish movie Bodo.

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5. Toby Stephens

Toby Stephens, the son of Dame Maggie Smith, was already well-experienced British actor when he appeared in movie Mangal Pandey alongside Aamir Khan. Although people loved him as a Captain William Gordon he won't be able to return to Bollywood movies for a while now. Recently he finished the final season of American TV show Black Sails and he appeared in new series Lost in Space.

6. Mish Boyko

Thanks to the movie Queen from 2013 Kangana Ranaut won the Best Actress Award at the National Film Awards, and Mish Boyko, who played an Alexander, won many female hearts. This young British actor appeared in Bollywood movie at the beginning of his career, and it was it, because later we could see him in Dracula Untold movie or TV series called Fortitude.

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7. Mehdi Nebbou

It seems like for Mehdi Nebbou a small role of Sridevi’s classmate in the movie English Vinglish was a quite nice difference in his rich filmography. Actually, he is more know as supporting actor, because except this Bollywood movie, he started in American TV series Homeland and movies Body of Lias or Monachium. As a born French actor he makes his career in France as well.

8. Paul Blackthorne

This British actor debuted in movies as Captain Andrew Russell in the Oscar-nominated Bollywood film Lagaan. Paul Blackthorne spent six months learning Hindi for the role. But after this, he turned his career to a totally different path. He starred in many American TV series, like ER, Big Shots, Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and Arrow.

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