Published 2017-10-10
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8 Foreign actors who did not succeed in Bollywood

1. Bárbara Mori

Bárbara Mori comes from Montevideo, Mexico. She debuted in TV soap opera and later appeared in few movies and hi-rated telenovelas there. Then she became the first Mexican actress, who starred in Bollywood movie. She was stunning in romantic drama Kites alongside Hrithik Roshan. Maybe because the movie was a flop we have never again seen this actress in another Indian movie. She returned to Mexico, where she continues her acting career.

1. Bárbara Mori

2. Martin Henderson

Martin Henderson is Australian born actor, who left the country to study acting and theatre in New York, and then start a career in LA. After his first hit, horror movie The Ring, in 2005 he starred opposite Indian actress Aishwarya Rai in the romantic Bollywood-English coproduction Bride & Prejudice. Although it was a quite successful film around the world after it, the actor went back to Hollywood, and recently we can watch him in Grey's Anatomy TV series.

Keep reading to see more foreign stars in Bollywood!

2. Martin Henderson
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