Published 2017-10-10
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8 Foreign actors who did not succeed in Bollywood

3. Clive Standen

Do you remember Charles 'Charlie' Brown from the movie Namastey London? This character was Katrina Kaif’s British boyfriend and was played by Clive Standen. We don't know if you wanted to still see him in Bollywood movies, but after his debut, he went back to Hollywood, where he is one of the hottest names right now, thanks to TV shows like Vikings and Taken.

3. Clive Standen

4. Erika Kaar

Erika Kaar is a Polish actress who just started her career. And at the beginning of the path to fame, she debuted also in Bollywood movie alongside Ajay Devgn in Shivaay in 2016. If an audience likes her there is the probability that she will return to India one day. Recently she starred in American TV series called American Gods as well as polish movie Bodo.

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4. Erika Kaar
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