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Quiz: What type of figure you’ve got!?

Choosing which outfit to wear is a question that women can never find the answer to. No matter how many outfits we already have in the closet, something is always wrong. None fit the occasion we are going to and it seems like we are wasting all our money on an outfit for each place we go to! However, have you ever thought about the real problem?! Maybe you are choosing the wrong types of outfit, and for that reason, you are not able to find something that you can wear for more than one occasion!

Many of us are writing about the selection of wardrobe elements to the figure. What coats are perfect for the column, what skirts for the pear, what trousers for hourglass? But sometimes we do not know what kind of figure we actually have. And here comes the problem that we have a solution to. Stand in front of the mirror in your underwear, look carefully at your figure and answer the questions honestly. Then definitely check out the styling tips for yourself!

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The type O figure, commonly known as the apple. The figure of the apple, although slightly more rounded, can be mistaken as the figure of an hourglass. Women of this type are most often hidden under baggy, shapeless clothes, which further highlights the rich shapes. Remember that loose and bulky clothing will always show you bigger! To make the best wardrobe choice, remember to emphasize the waist and expose the legs.

Perfect bottom garments:
- skirts and dresses or sewn from the wheel
- leg length (just below the knees)
- patterned fabrics, contrasting colors
- contoured waist (slightly higher back ), straight leg, medium width
- loose trousers, wide open trousers
- high heels with slightly elongated tips
- accessories in vibrant colors (handbags, long scarves)

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Armed with the knowledge of color selection we can confidently proceed to a detailed analysis of your body. The main task of the stylist is to define the type of silhouette and to compensate for possible disproportions. With the right cut, fashion and even pattern, you can easily overcome the imperfections of the figure and emphasize its strengths. In fact, all treatments and styling tricks consist of a balance between the top and the bottom and the underlying.

Perfect bottom garments:
- skirts with A-line
- skirts, trousers loosely looming
- hips just below the knees (skirts, dresses)
- glossy fabrics, darker than the top
- trousers slightly elevated
- boot-leg jeans
- loose, straight legs
- trousers in the waist, without cuffs
- high heel shoes with narrow toe

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Holders of the hourglass type are really lucky. Even without the support of their body stylist, they are the essence of femininity. The hourglass, identified with the letter X, has the perfect proportions, guys are crazy about that shape, whether the hourglass figure is more or less rounded. Choose a dress that displays bust and flattening belly. Emphasize the shape of the hips and we praise the beautifully scratched waist.

Upper part of the garment:
- necklines neck
- blouses envelope
- matched tops and blouses
- narrow flap

Perfect lower costume:
- Bottom elements well fitted in the waist and belly, and then extended from the hips down
- Skirted or pleated skirts
- Length from the knee to the middle calf
- Jeans with slightly lower waist, reaching just below the navel, straight leg, color uniform

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Figure H is also referred to as straight and massive. To see if your shape is a H ​​figure , you have to make measurements at the beginning. The assumptions will be confirmed if your arms, breasts and hips are roughly the same size , and the differences in their circumference do not exceed 5%. Figure H also has no distinct indentation at the waist. It was common to assume that the waist circumference was 1/4 smaller than the circumference of the hips, bosom or shoulders. The main problem - in the case of rectangular figure is the lack of female roundness.

Upper garments:
- blouses and jackets cut off under the bust
- small, heavily cut waistcoats
- openwork tunic waistcoats
- envelope blouses

The bottom garments:
- Expanded skirts with counters, godets, flounces, pleats
- Skirts ending asymmetrically
- Dresses in the style of the 50s or cut under the bust

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