Published 2017-10-10
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All you need to know about Indian Google CEO Sundar Pichai!

Sundar Pichai is an Indian American business executive. He is the chief executive officer of Google, one of the biggest companies in the whole world. Sundar was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India in a middle-class family and earned his degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering. He holds his M.S from Stanford University and MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

He joined the company in 2004 and since then, he has been escalating the stairs of the success. Firstly, he led Google Chrome, Chrome OS, and Google Drive but then he started overseeing more projects such as Gmail and Google Maps. This was also followed by his handling the android part as well and on 2015, August, he was selected as the CEO of the Google and on October he stepped into his new position.

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Except for the fact that he is one of the most talented and intelligent people ever lived, he is also a source of inspiration to so many people. In August 2017 the headlines were all about Google engineer who wrote memo questioning women in tech. To give you an idea of what the whole thing was about we have a bit of his PDF file here. James Damore was fired by Sundar Pichai because of what you will read here and more “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

“Philosophically, I don't think we should do arbitrary social engineering of tech just to make it appealing to equal portions of both men and women. For each of these changes, we need principled reasons for why it helps Google; that is, we should be optimizing for Google—with Google's diversity being a component of that. For example, currently those willing to work extra hours or take extra stress will inevitably get ahead and if we try to change that too much, it may have disastrous consequences.”

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“Also, when considering the costs and benefits, we should keep in mind that Google's funding is finite so its allocation is more zero-sum than is generally acknowledged. I strongly believe in gender and racial diversity, and I think we should strive for more. However, to achieve a more equal gender and race representation, Google has created several discriminatory practices: ● Programs, mentoring, and classes only for people with a certain gender or race ● A high priority queue and special treatment for “diversity” candidates…”

“We’re told by senior leadership that what we’re doing is both the morally and economically correct thing to do, but without evidence, this is just veiled left ideology that can irreparably harm Google.We all have biases and use motivated reasoning to dismiss ideas that run counter to our
internal values. Just as some on the Right deny science that runs counter to the “God > humans> environment” hierarchy (e.g., evolution and climate change), the Left tends to deny science concerning biological differences between people (e.g., IQ8 and sex differences). ”

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Sundar Pichai commented on this matter saying: “The memo has clearly impacted our co-workers, some of whom are hurting and feel judged based on their gender,” Mr. Pichai wrote. “Our co-workers shouldn’t have to worry that each time they open their mouths to speak in a meeting, they have to prove that they are not like the memo states, being ‘agreeable’ rather than ‘assertive,’ showing a ‘lower stress tolerance,’ or being ‘neurotic.”

In his interview with The Guardians when he was asked about video games, he said: “There are many extraordinary people at Google who would say they spent high school playing video games all the time! Video games were how many people got into computer science, so a part of me thinks this generation of kids needs to deal with a new world. Previous generations always feel uncomfortable with new technology. Our kids are also becoming better at dealing with visual information. But I’m not saying I have the answers. I struggle with it, too.”

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He also commented on how he feels to be the CEO of a company like Google: “History shows that the opposite of what people were worrying about is typically true. Go back 10 years and look at the largest market cap companies: the bigger you are, the more you may be at a disadvantage. As a big company, you are constantly trying to foolproof yourself against being big, because you see the advantage of being small, nimble and entrepreneurial. Pretty much every great thing gets started by a small team.”

Sundar Pichai wants to come back to India one day, he said: “You always think there is someone in the Valley, working on something in a garage – something that will be better. I do want to go back to India and give back. I feel incredible support when I go there; it is humbling.”
Every day, more and more Indians in the world are becoming our relation to be proud of our nation.

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