Published 2017-10-10
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Aamir Khan’s wife did not want him to play the role in Secret SuperStar?!!!

With the huge success that the movie Secret Superstar have had thus far all around the world, everyone’s talking about it. The movie is about Insu, a young Muslim girl, aspires to become a singer but faces restrictions from her conservative father. She happens to cross paths with a musician, which unfolds into an exciting journey. Zaira Wasim is the protagonist in this movie who Aamir Khan believes is the best actress in the movie industry!

With all the things we know about the actor Aamir Khan, it is not a surprise that this movie has become a huge success but when they credited him for the success that the movie has achieved, he said that the director is the one who needs to get all the credit not him! The musician that Insu meets is no other person than our Mr. Perfectionist. However, his wife was not fond of his choice!

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Kiran Rao, Aamir Khan’s wife did not want the actor to play this role because she thought of it as a creepy character! "kind of a guy you don't want to hang out alone in the room with. I told him please don't do it, you just did Dangal, you were playing a father in it.” but the talented husband changed the wife’s mind: “When we saw the screen test, all of us laughed so much. We were totally convinced that he can be this strange creepy person. He did it so well that we had to believe. But he wasn't the original fit.”

Aamir Khan said to PTI: "When I heard the story, I really liked it. When Advait (director Advait Chandan) asked me to do this role, I said I cannot see myself doing it. Even Kiran said the same. I said I'll do a screen test and if I do well, I'll take up the role. While doing it, I realized I was having fun. It is a very unusual character for me. The character is very different from me. It was a challenge for me to play this character and make people believe that this character is like that.”

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The teen star also commented on the movie and about the barriers she faced: “Honestly, there was no barrier as such. The only barrier I had was I didn't know acting, I had never experienced anything like that. The kind of support I have always had from my family, I didn't consider any barrier at all. Aamir sir also guided and helped me so much. I had to make sure it did not look like I was acting. There are times you might miss a beat or two. Ensuring that I don’t miss it was difficult.”

Aamir commented on her acting saying: “We were clear from the beginning that we won’t cheat in the film. Insia, the character of Zaira is a singer and had to play the character correctly. I am so impressed with her performance. As an actor, whenever we play a musical instrument, we often try to play it accurately. She (Zaira) has gone a step further and has spent a lot of time with Meghna Mishra (singer) because she wanted to understand how to sing. They used to also rehearse together.”

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According to the director of the movie, Advait Chandan, the inspiration behind the movie was a line by Aamir Khan! A father came to Aamir Khan to ask him for some life lessons for his son but his answer was more than inspiration to the kid! He said: “The kid was looking normal to me. At age of five, we can't really teach him lessons about life and I told his dad, 'don't worry, kids are like bubbles, they'll come up on their own. Parents shouldn't worry.' This line (kids are like bubbles, they'll come up on their own) Advait remembered, I had forgotten, and on the basis of that, a full film was made.”

Advait Chandan, the director of the movie is even a hugger fan of Aamir khan than we are! “You hang out with him for 10 minutes and you forget that you are with a superstar whom you have been watching on screen for so many years. Aamir is never patronising. He doesn't talk down to you and just of these things, gives you self-confidence.. It was a great vantage point and an entry into how a producer of his level functions... Managing him was like a full lottery ticket.”

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