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How to choose the PERFECT eye makeup for Indians?

With a well-defined eyeshadow, the look will seem to be fresh and radiant. Moreover, well-made eye makeup can, depending on your needs, reduce or enlarge your eyes. But what about the color of the shadow? Does it also matter? A color specialist will advise you on what hue to choose for each eye color and we are going to give you the advice in this article plus so many other information that no one ever tells to Indian ladies!

Green eyes

Spring colors are ideal for shadows in contrasting colors with green. Different shades of bronze, pomegranate or orange will look different, which will bring out the depth of green color. In case of green, you can try to get the effect of predation using shadow in a very dark shade and also make popular smoky eyes. You can also just enhance its depth using the so fashionable violet. Having green eyes does not force you to give up green shadows, just select those that are in different shades.

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Blue eyes

Blue eyes, light blue, and gray are associated with delicacy and gentleness. It is good to emphasize the natural beauty of such eyes, regardless of their shade. Perfectly presented in this case bright roses, graphite and silver color. For a bit more courageous, the dark roses will be perfect. Although it may seem surprising, blue eyes will look perfect... orange, and all its subtle shades, which beautifully contrast blue eyes. Do not exaggerate with the amount of shadow that can overwhelm and optically reduce the eye.

Brown eyes

In case of this shade, the hue of the eyeshadow should be slightly less saturated, to slightly revive the look. The colors of green, brown or gray will be checked. It is safest to choose copper and violet shades, which will be ideal for less formal exits. Perfectly match natural colors, bright brown or beige, as they will give you a look of depth and softness.

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Black eyes

Dark-eyed, black-eyed people have the best opportunities for make-up. Dark shades are good for every eye shade color. Both strong and expressive shadows, such as violet, graphite, dark pink or navy blue, as well as delicate colors, such as gold, pistachio, and olive, will also highlight the depth of the dark. What you need to know is to keep in mind that the color of the eyeshadow cannot be more saturated than the color of the shade, as it can produce the effect of a tired, "out" eye that has lost all its brilliance.

It is important that the shade does not overlap and rub it from the outer corner towards the eyebrow. "Still, the most important color matching is also used eyeshadow to our personal preferences and situation. We will use shadows in the more subdued colors and we will be able to afford a bit of madness if we go to the office", says Dr. Marek Borowiński, a well-known color psychologist.

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What people in India think is probably that the black eyeliner is something that must be there. However, what you can do in order for your eyes to stand out more is to use mascara! Only mascara can emphasize on the beautiful feature of your eyes. Remember that eyeliner, especially the way that we use it, pops the eyes out and that does not look good on us at all. So in order to get a better result, avoid this mistake.


Are our eyebrows on the fleek?! Who cares! We know how important the eyebrows have become lately and how our people are trying to follow the same patterns to achieve the result all those white people have now but forget all about that! Things that work on their skin obviously does not work on ours so what we with a darker shade of skin need to use is a little bit of highlighter. Dab a touch of the white eyeshadow you have at home under the arch part of your eyebrows and see the difference! Do not overdo it! Only a little bit.

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Do not, under any circumstance try to whiten your skin using makeup! The trick is to look the same but a little prettier and altered with makeup not to be too obvious with it. Make sure that you are using the right shade because for us with darker skin tone, the shades are everything! We all remember how Aishwarya’s purple lipstick turned out! Remember to check the shade before buying it. The color of your foundations needs to match the color of your skin as well!

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Red! Just go with whatever color in this shade. The darker the better. Nudes do not work for us. It will make us look super awkward and in order not to get that look, use red shades and apply the lip gloss on it. One without any colors so you can emphasize your big, full, beautiful Indian lips. Remember that we already have the beauty! All we need to do is to enhance it a little bit.

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