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How to choose the PERFECT eye makeup for Indians?

Blue eyes

Blue eyes, light blue, and gray are associated with delicacy and gentleness. It is good to emphasize the natural beauty of such eyes, regardless of their shade. Perfectly presented in this case bright roses, graphite and silver color. For a bit more courageous, the dark roses will be perfect. Although it may seem surprising, blue eyes will look perfect... orange, and all its subtle shades, which beautifully contrast blue eyes. Do not exaggerate with the amount of shadow that can overwhelm and optically reduce the eye.

Brown eyes

In case of this shade, the hue of the eyeshadow should be slightly less saturated, to slightly revive the look. The colors of green, brown or gray will be checked. It is safest to choose copper and violet shades, which will be ideal for less formal exits. Perfectly match natural colors, bright brown or beige, as they will give you a look of depth and softness.

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