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7 Special effects in cinema that we all believed to be real...

Although it seems something relatively new, the special effects in the cinema have been part of this art from the very beginning, at the end of century XIX. The first one recognized by the experts in this matter was realized in the short film from 1895 "The Execution of Mary, Queen of Scots". It shows the beheading of a woman, and event by the audience at that time thought had been recognized for real. Nothing could be further from the truth since the real woman was in a right time replaced by a doll. In the video, we can appreciate this ancient visual art. But then we will show you 7 modifications of modern cinema of which you were not aware...

1. Blood Diamond (2006)

In this thriller, there is a subtle modification in one of the most dramatic scenes, when the character of Jennifer Connelly (46) speaks with one played by Leonardo DiCaprio (42), who is dying. She tells him that she would like to be there with him, but he replies that he is simply where he should be. The scene was only filmed once but the crew was not satisfied with the woman's emotionality, so they added tears on the computer. Did you know this?

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2. Forrest Gump (1994)

This feature film made by famous Robert Zemeckis (65) included numerous innovative effects that entered Tom Hanks (61) in historical scenes, but of these, there was no doubt that they were manipulated. However, surely no one has thought of a couple of sequences that were changed to add more realism to the movie. First is the feather that falls at Forrest's feet while he is sitting on the famous bench. Everything was perpetrated through the help of computer programs to generate a precise and controlled line.

The second can be perceived while he is competing in China in table tennis as a true professional. We do not doubt the abilities of the character of the story, but Hanks certainly could not have made such figures. The actor just had to move his arms and imagine a complicated match without balls in between. In post-production, the ball and sounds were included so everything would fit... Incredible, right?

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3. Die Hard with a Vengeance (1995)

In this memorable action movie, we can also appreciate a modification that no one was aware of. At one point in the plot, the villain somehow obliges the main character (who was played by Bruce Willis (62)) to carry a racist poster in the Harlem, known for being dangerous and violent. This entailed a great danger since he could have been shot even in real life. For this reason, they filmed Willis who carried a white poster, without any inscription, and later the words were put in a magic way on it.

4. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

This work tells the story of mathematician John Nash, a genius who received the Nobel Prize, but who had to struggle with a mental illness that "excluded" him from the world and reality in a certain way. In one part of the movie, Russell Crowe (53) leaves his baby in a bathtub, and his wife finds it and rescuing it. Although it may seem that the director had committed a recklessness by putting a small baby underwater, the truth is quite different. This effect was created by mixing two identical shots. In one the boy was positioned in the empty bathtub, and in another, the bathtub was filmed without a child in it but full of water.

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5. Captain America (2011)

This film tells the origins of one of the most illustrious superheroes in the United States, a super warrior who helped win the World War II in the Marvel universe. Nevertheless, the candidate who would be transformed into a superhero, Steve Rogers, weighed only 50 kilos at the beginning. Chris Evans (36) was to play both stages of Rogers, from being a short and weak boy to becoming the burly and powerful hero we all know. It was a challenge for the special effects experts, who managed to overcome it by recording each scene in several different planes, with bigger clothes and computer retouching. On the other hand, Evans came to walk and stand with knees bent to look smaller.

6. The Social Network (2010)

This movie tells the story of how Mark Zuckerberg (33) created Facebook, along with all the difficulties and enemies that he gained thanks to it. The Winklevoss twins were a key piece of it, as the original idea supposedly came from hiring Zuckerberg to set up a shared photo website at Harvard. Out of all controversy, did you know that both brothers were played by the one actor? Armie Hammer (31) had a double role due to the request of the director, who relied on his charisma. Everything worked in the end with the help of software, a double of body and management of the plans.

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7. San Andreas (2015)

In this movie, we can see the consequences of a cataclysm of terrifying dimensions, which generate a huge tsunami that hit the city of San Francisco. This mass of water poured violently over the city's most significant bridge, the Golden Gate, and shattered it. Obviously, it was not a real footage, but the modifications were not based solely on computer software.

According to several specialized sources, a model of the bridge and the landscape was used inside a green chroma to add realism. A bucket of water and an excellent processing by geniuses of the retouches and special effects made what we see in this movie possible.

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