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8 clever tricks to impress your friends

It doesn't matter if it's a boring gathering, an uncomfortable hush, or if it's some special individual with whom you truly need to make a decent impression. It's always great to have a truly cool trick up your sleeve. Instead of just sitting around in a room where you know everyone is getting bored out of their minds, get up and liven it up.

Whether it's a sleight of hand, a science test, or a very slick and special skill, it’s sure to break the ice no matter where you are. And besides, first impressions are very important! Here are some amazing tricks that is so simple, it will be hard to not be life of the party.

Playing a piano

Playing a piano is an amazing skill, but it’s time constraining and not easy to learn. But with this trick you’ll be the next Beethoven (kind of). All you’ve to do is spread out your fingers and play octaves using your thumb and pinky. Just be sure to stay on the black keys. You could add in some notes of your choice using the right hand’s three free fingers, and you’ll be able to impress everyone in no time, unless maybe you play for someone who’s an expert in pianos.

Upside down wineglass

Ever filled a glass upside down? To do that fill a shallow plate or bowl with water and set a burning candle in the center. Then take a glass of your choice, preferably a wine glass and place it over the candle. Since the candle is lit, the water is going to be forced into the glass through the rim, filling it. Once the liquid is all sucked in, you should flip the entire thing, as quickly as possible. And voila! The glass is now full.

Floating ring

Hold both ends of an elastic rubber band that is almost transparent and position a ring on it while it’s between your hands. Tell someone that you’ll be able to lift up the ring without touching it. Then slowly stretch the band, creating an almost optical illusion of the ring defying the odds of gravity.

Instant freeze

For a cool science trick, place a bottle of pure or distilled H2O into the freezer for one or two hours. When you’re ready, take it out, and give a hard whack to the bottle, it should be a really good one, and not weak. Use up all your energy. And then watch the water freeze right before of your eyes. This trick can be used on a hot day, when you’re craving for some coolness.

Grass whistle

When you’re outside, choose a blade of grass and hold it tight between your thumbs and nails are facing you and blow through the space created, wherever your thumbs are firmly pressed together. The grass can release a high pitched whistle that is definitely going to impress or annoy your friends.


The secret to moonwalking is to keep the weight on the chunk of one foot while you slide towards the back on the heel of the other. When your feet is a whole step apart from each other, move your weight onto the back leg and do it again. In no time you will master the dance of the King of Pop.

Balancing a coin

Balancing a spinning ball on your finger is too common to be cool these days, but this trick is a way better than that, looks harder too. Adjust a playing card on the tip of your finger and then balance a coin on top of that; now give the card a quick flick. The playing card will take off while the coin remains on the tip of your finger.

Apple split

If you're still utilizing an old blade to cut your apples, it's about time to change. With this trick, it's one less utensil to wash. Even if it's not that productive and the result is not what we're looking for, it's unquestionably more cool. Hold an apple in both hands with your thumbs on top of it; by squeezing firmly with a rolling movement, you ought to have the apple divided into halves.

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