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The most inspirational NOVEMBER born male celebrities!

A November born man is bright, sharp and determined. He is following big goals in life and he is a compassionate and loving father. If you are not a fan of enthusiasm and you are with a November born man, it is just about time to reconsider. Enthusiasm is the pillar of his life, he cannot live without it. Whether in life or in his professional career life, he is incredibly determined and strong. He is a dreamer and there is nothing he has to do with quietness and dullness.

He is quite wise and his emotions and feelings have a direct effect on however he acts. In this series, we are going to name the most inspirational celebrities that were born in the certain month and their most inspirational quotes. To let you guys know that you can make it work just like these handsome stars on our list. Life has not always been rainbow and unicorns for them either but they came out stronger than ever.

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Shah Rukh Khan

The kind of Bollywood who was born on the 2nd of November 1965 is known internationally for the role of the romantic lover he always portrays. He has played more than 80 Bollywood movies which earned him a huge number of awards including 14 Filmfare Awards. The appearance of this actor is enough to guarantee the profit of that movie so it is only normal if we hear he tops the list of the richest Bollywood celebs with the Net Worth of 600$ Million.

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To us, few of his quotable moments were when he said: “I do believe that an actor, who is self-aware, will never do a film that is not an extension of his personality”, “Stand by what you believe in. People who mind won't matter and people who matter won't mind it”, “Sometimes you need to let people feel important by disliking you. It's their little happiness”, and “Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don't be bound by rules, don't hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else's dream.”

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Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli who was born on the 5th of November 1988 is the captain of the Indian national cricket team. He is known as the best batsman in the world and also was ranked eighth in ESPN's list of world's most famous athletes in 2016! Another thing that he currently is known for is his love, Anushka Sharma. The couple has been known for their adorable way of expressing love and affection for one another. He started a charity in 2013 called Virat Kohli Foundation.

To us, few of his quotable moments were when he said: “Sachin Tendulkar has carried the burden of the nation for 21 years. It is a time we carried him on our shoulders”, “Whatever you want to do, do with full passion and work really hard towards it. Don't look anywhere else. There will be a few distractions, but if you can be true to yourself, you will be successful for sure” and “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.”

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Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio who was born on the 11th of November 1974 is an American actor, film producer, and environmental activist. For his role in the movie the revenant he finally was able to get the most anticipated Oscar. In 1998, the actor established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting environmental awareness and he has been active in this field ever since.

To us, few of his quotable moments were when he said: “I figure life's a gift and I don't intend on wasting it. You don't know what hand you're gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you.. to make each day count”, “You can make history, or you will be vilified by it”, and “To believe in love, to be ready to give up anything for it, to be willing to risk your life for it, is the ultimate tragedy.”

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Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal was born on 26th of November 1972. After the separation that his family went through, he decided to stay with his mom and attended the school his mom was working at as a teacher, the St. Patrick School. After that, he went to the prestigious Kodaikanal International school. He graduated from the prestigious Hindu college in Delhi University in economics honors. He is one of the most successful actors in the film industry.

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To us, few of his quotable moments were when he said: “Age doesn't mean anything. It's all in your head. Men get sexier with age. They also get wiser and get experienced”, “The most important thing is to figure out Your goal in life. If Your intentions and methods are correct, there is no way You will not achieve it” and “It's very difficult to follow our dreams, but it's even more difficult to forget them.”

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