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8 internet memes we all love

According to the definition in Urban Dictionary, meme is defined as “an idea, belief or belief system, or pattern of behavior that spreads throughout a culture either vertically by cultural inheritance (as by parents to children) or horizontally by cultural acquisition (as by peers, information media, and entertainment media) “.

But we all know the true meaning of meme as a trend or fad, that mostly occurs on the Internet. It’s a joke that’s funny and ironic , but cannot be expressed by yourself in words unless the meme is shown to someone to understand it. But who in this 21st century does not use memes anymore?! Memes have become a big part of the internet world that none of us can relate to anything without it.

Charlie Bit Me

Charlie Bit Me, otherwise also called as "Charlie bit my finger", is a viral video of a toddler gnawing on his older brother's finger making him cry in pain and saying in the cutest British accent anyone has ever heard "Ouch Charlie that really hurt! Charlie bit me". It has been the subject of numerous video spoofs and remixes. Watch this video if you're having a bad day and it'll instantly perk you up with their innocence of the whole thing.

Grumpy Cat

"Tardar Sauce" the Grumpy Cat is seemingly the most well known Internet feline ever. She got her distinguishing popularity after a photograph of her particularly grimacing face was posted to Reddit, setting off a flood of motivation for new meme photographs with the most funny texts that consummately epitomized disappointment, inconvenience and other excessively misrepresented negative sentiments. She has this since been raking in heaps of cash from her merchandise line, including the 2014 holiday film she featured in.

Success Kid

Success Kid is the photograph amidst the blue shaded wheel of a little youngster holding up his clench hand with a look of fulfillment all over. As the name recommends, the Success Kid image is utilized to depict any kind of success or an achievement. The exact same emotion we show in real life when it's the start to the weekend. And if we manage to cook food without it getting burnt. YES!


This new melody "PPAP" or "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen", has spread all over Asia and internationally. The track belongs to 40 year-old Japanese comic Kosaka Daimaou, who passes by the fake name DJ Pika-Taro. It's known as "brainwash" due to its monotonous and infectious verses. He wears some silly clothes and does some ridiculous moves about pens, pineapples and apples. The message doesn't necessary make any sense; it's the move and meme capacity of the entire thing. Try not to question it; simply acknowledge it for what it is.

ALS ice bucket challenge

Summer of 2014. odds are you went over no less than, maybe, a couple recordings of individuals dumping cans of water over their heads, which was shared by companions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anyplace else where recordings could be shared. The challenge was roused by the ALS Association to make awareness and raise cash for ALS/Lou Gehrig's ailment research. Everybody from huge celebs to prominent government officials took an interest in gathering pledges, which wound up raising $220 million around the world.


To some degree, practically identical to that of Gangnam Style, Doge was another image that individuals rapidly became weary of seeing. However it couldn't appear to blur away that quick. "Doge" alludes to the incorrectly spelled, slang term for "dog" This meme comprised of picture of a side-eyed Shiba Inus that was regularly Photoshopped onto different pictures and combined with inscriptions like "goodness," "much" and "extremely". The texts were expected to look like the not so intelligent point of view of a dog.

The Dress

Who could EVER FORGET that incredible dress that totally exploded on the Internet? A Tumblr post of a dress joined by the straightforward question, "What colour is this dress?", started an overall level headed discussion where a few people guaranteed to see the dress as white and gold and others considered it to be blue and black. In the end, enormous online journals were distributing long posts about the study of how light influences shading observation. At last, it was found that that Dress was blue and dark.

Be like Bill

This meme of 2015-2016 is a furious infection: it has proliferated faster than other memes. Bill is a stick drawing, with white space left to caption. The adaptation envisioned here is Bill, with the cap/toque crown. At the same time you'll observe variants of stick individual Bill sitting at a PC. The compelling interest of Bill is that, it is a powerful way to make open judgments of other individuals' life decisions, in a passive-aggressive manner. If you find the need to remark against something you can't help contradicting, the harmless Bill stick figure is a fabulous method to transmit your message.
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