Published 2016-12-08
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8 internet memes we all love

Charlie Bit Me

Charlie Bit Me, otherwise also called as "Charlie bit my finger", is a viral video of a toddler gnawing on his older brother's finger making him cry in pain and saying in the cutest British accent anyone has ever heard "Ouch Charlie that really hurt! Charlie bit me". It has been the subject of numerous video spoofs and remixes. Watch this video if you're having a bad day and it'll instantly perk you up with their innocence of the whole thing.

Grumpy Cat

"Tardar Sauce" the Grumpy Cat is seemingly the most well known Internet feline ever. She got her distinguishing popularity after a photograph of her particularly grimacing face was posted to Reddit, setting off a flood of motivation for new meme photographs with the most funny texts that consummately epitomized disappointment, inconvenience and other excessively misrepresented negative sentiments. She has this since been raking in heaps of cash from her merchandise line, including the 2014 holiday film she featured in.

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