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9 Celebrities who had odd jobs before they became famous

Not all stars come from rich or famous, movie-related families. Many actors, singers or celebrities before they became famous and wealthy struggled with financial problems. Probably many people do not realize what works Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom had to do to earn money for their living. If you think they were waiters or bartenders you might be surprised. Some celebrities had really bizarre jobs.

Hugh Jackman

A handsome Australian actor, mostly known for his role as Wolverine, had a completely different career before reaching the top of fame. For three years he worked as a clown at children's birthday parties. Jackman amused the guests and showed magical tricks. But as he said in one interview, he remembers, that once a six-year-old kid said the clown was scary.

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Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey is another actor who had had an unusual career. When he was in Australia as an exchange student he had to look for a job. And it was not a lifeguarding at the beach. Young McConaughey worked on a chicken farm and need to clean it from chicken poops. But now, he is one of Hollywood's most successful actors and the Oscar winner.

Brad Pitt

It would seem that this actor was born as a star, but he was not always so famous around the world. Brad Pitt was born in Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Missouri. Then he moved to Los Angeles to try his chances in acting. But first, he found a job at the restaurant El Pollo Loco, where he dressed up as a giant chicken and invited people to take a meal.

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Christopher Walken

Today he is one of the most distinctive and talented actors in the Hollywood industry, but before he became famous he had probably one of the most interesting and dangerous works of the entire list here. Before he seriously began to think about acting, he worked in the circus and as a lion's trainer! Not many people can boast such a position in their cv.

Johnny Depp

If you're wondering how crazy and eccentric Johnny Depp could be in the past, we can disappoint or surprised you. Well, he was not a bartender on a tropical island or a helicopter pilot. In fact, his first job was extremely boring and uninteresting even for him, because he was... selling pens. Luckily, he quickly became a successful and very original actor and musician.

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Orlando Bloom

In the audience mind, he is still an unforgettable Legolas from "Lord of the Rings" series. But before Orlando Bloom became famous, he worked as a "clay trapper". It means that the young actor was not at all digging up clay, but worked at the shooting range and operating the darts machine. With money earned there, he was able to go to London to pursue an acting career.

Eva Mendes

This Cuban-American actress before she started acting career and starred in movies like "Ghost Rider" or "Fast Five" to pay for her acting classes and bills worked in the catering industry. Eva Mendes sold the hot dogs at a stand in a California mall. What's more, she wore a red-and-white-yellow uniform! But probably even in it, she looked amazing.

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Channing Tatum

Today he is one of the most successful actors of young age. But he is not only talented in acting, Tatum is also skilled in martial arts and dancing. Long before he gained popularity in Step Up he worked at a nightclub in Tampa Bay, Florida, where he was an undressed dancer for the crowd of rich women. This job was an inspiration for his movie "Magic Mike".

Beyonce Knowles

Not always Beyonce was one of the richest singers in the world. She was learned the hard work and monetary value from the very beginning. When she was young she worked with her mother, who was a hair stylist and had her own salon. Beyonce responsibility was to sweep the floor every day and keep it clean! Today, she has a lot of people who work for her...

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