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7 Worst compliments a woman can hear from a man...

Probably all women know this feeling... You talk with a nice and handsome man, you start to think that he is so interesting and is worth to get to know him better when suddenly he says something that sounds too rude and even offensive. This can really spoil the meeting. The worst part is that some men do not realize that they made a mistake and said something inappropriate. So what "compliments" should they avoid?

"You look great for your age"

This is one of the worst compliments a man can tell a woman. Perhaps your girlfriend would seem happy at first, but then she will begin to analyze the words. She will think then that she is old and begin to look carefully at the wrinkles. Then she will cry. If you really think that your girlfriend looks great for her age, never say it to her.
Instead of this, tell her "you look great". It will be enough.

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"You are not that fat"

Women tend to complain and exaggerate. Especially when it goes about the weight. Sometimes your girlfriend is complaining that she is fat. But instead of telling her that she is thin, you say something like "You are not so fat." After such a statement she will be sad, cry or even call an argument. A woman who hears such a "compliment" will take it as a statement that she is actually fat and fall into hung-ups.

"You're fantastic! How can you still be alone?

Even if you think that you have met a woman from your dreams and even if you are wondering why such a great woman is still a single, never ask her about it! Perhaps there are some serious reasons why she is living alone. There can be a really sad story behind it or simply she could not find the one, the right man yet. By asking her such things, you can hurt her and make her feel insecure. Probably when your relationship will be stronger, you will definitely know the answer.

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"You cook as well as my mom"

You should know that women do not tolerate when they are compared to any other person, especially to the mother of her boyfriend or husband. As your partner they want to feel unique, one and only. So comparing her to your mother will make her think that she is actually worse. She might be even a great cook but this way you are putting her into hung-up. Do not be surprised if a dinner ends with a little bit of fuss.

"You look different today. Do you wear makeup? "

This is another, from the point of view of the man a perfect compliment that actually pisses the woman off. Even if your beloved spent half a day in front of the mirror, putting mascara on the lashes, having blush and choosing the right lip color, never tell her that she looks great just because she wears the makeup! You must appreciate her in every situation, her real beauty, which make-up only emphasized.

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"For a woman you're pretty funny"

Well, such "compliments" it is better not to be told to any woman. Statements like this might be taken as offensive and rude. When you say something like that, you simply show that you think women are worse than men generally or that they just cannot be good in simple things. It is better not to do such comparisons. If you really want to say a compliment to your woman, just say: "You're funny" and that's it.

"You are so sweet"

Although it might seem different, this is the next compliment that may be negatively received by the women. Maybe you have nothing wrong on your mind saying it, but your partner mostly interprets the word "sweet" as silly or childish. After that, she will think that you treated her like a child and you questioned her knowledge and intelligence. If you want to avoid misunderstandings, do not tell her she is sweet.

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"You are as cool as my colleagues"

And again the situation in which the words sounded nice, but only made the woman feel bad. As we have written before, women like and need to be the only one, and feel the best. Then they will repay you with love and affection. So do not tell her she's like your colleagues because she's all about wanting to be your favorite woman. Yes, the one you tell the secret to and you like to spend time with, but not your buddy.

"You should smile more often"

Even if your intention was to say that you like her smile, next time just tell her "Your smile is beautiful". Otherwise, she will interpret it differently! That you think she's a sad or a gloomy person. She may also think that in a rather primitive way you try to cheer her up when she is not angry at all. Remember simple means better.

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Ankita Kudchi
Ankita Kudchi 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
Women overthink!
Neha Siby
Neha Siby 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
Yes and No
Neha Siby
Neha Siby 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
Yes and No
Parkavi Rajendran
Parkavi Rajendran 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
Most of them are rubbish.
Shanmugavel Anandharajan
Shanmugavel Anandharajan 10/25/17, 6:07 AM
Parkavi Rajendran
Parkavi Rajendran
Parkavi Rajendran 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
Most of them are rubbish.
Dheena Thayalan
Dheena Thayalan 10/25/17, 6:07 AM
Anvita Singh
Anvita Singh 10/25/17, 6:07 AM
What's wrong with 'you are so sweet''? Stupid.
Krusader Singh
Krusader Singh 10/24/17, 6:07 AM
Typical men hating feminist ladies be careful of their propaganda
Winne Winner
Winne Winner 10/24/17, 6:07 AM
Stupid misleading article
Harshita Kaushik
Harshita Kaushik 10/23/17, 6:06 AM
"You're sweet", "you should smile more often", "you're cool" there's nothing wrong with them, they're perfectly sincere compliments. Stop over sensitising women. We ain't dainty little crochet doilies.
Chaithra Malnad
Chaithra Malnad 10/23/17, 6:06 AM
Śãrthāk Wårétwār
Śãrthāk Wårétwār 10/23/17, 6:06 AM
Devyani the second one is for you
Silga M Sangma
Silga M Sangma 10/23/17, 6:06 AM
Mangrak Momin note down this things
Scarlett A. R Rozario
Scarlett A. R Rozario 10/23/17, 6:06 AM
Bernard Shuvam Gomes yes
Sushanth Sush
Sushanth Sush 10/22/17, 6:06 AM
Basically say nothing!!
Paritosh Salian
Paritosh Salian 10/22/17, 6:06 AM
I have almost said all of it
Geetanjali Rai
Geetanjali Rai 10/21/17, 6:06 AM
Dear Writer, Women are not that complicated to take compliments like 'sweet' and 'cool' negatively. Please stop publishing your stupid ideas. You are doing no good for either men or women. Thanks.
Dheena Thayalan
Dheena Thayalan 10/25/17, 6:07 AM
Harshini Patel
Harshini Patel 10/21/17, 6:06 AM
Paritosh Salian beware bro
Paritosh Salian
Paritosh Salian 10/22/17, 6:06 AM
I have almost said all of it
Yati Acharya
Yati Acharya 10/20/17, 6:06 AM
Maybe you all should just kill yourselves.
Soumi Sen Sarma
Soumi Sen Sarma 10/19/17, 6:06 AM
Jinesh Desai please cooperate. Xp
Nishanth Mouray
Nishanth Mouray 10/19/17, 6:06 AM
BC it's better not to start that topic only.
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