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Woman shares a photo of her boyfriend who looks exactly like Michael Jackson!

He was and still is the ideal dancer of so many artists right now such as Beyonce and Britney. He achieved Guinness World Records for Successful Entertainer of All Time. numerous Grammys or to be more precise, he was the holder of 13 Grammys. Everyone admires this legend and his talent but few talk about how they like the way he looks! $240,000 is the amount of money Mikki Jay spent only to look like the star!

People cannot stop talking about how much she resembles the legend. In 1991, Mikki won a talent show with a song by Michael Jackson and since then she has been impersonating him. And of course, that is not the only case! The world’s most famous Michael Jackson impersonator is Navi. Back when the star was alive, Navi was working as his decoy to distract the attention from the star.

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Saurabh Dhawan
Saurabh Dhawan 10/17/17, 6:06 AM
accept how you look don't pretend to look like someone god has made u a unique person be grateful for everything u got and u will find u r good looking
Saurabh Dhawan
Saurabh Dhawan 10/17/17, 6:06 AM
does plastic surgery makes you good looking FALSE beauty comes from healthy mind and a healthy body.
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