Published 2017-10-13
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9 Most controversial Bollywood marriages!

2. Boney Kapoor and Sridevi

This is one of the couples that went through everything but they still stayed together! The rumors that Mithun had secretly married Sridevi and left his house to stay with her! Later the news of Sridevi’s marriage with Boney Kapoor got out! And then people were talking about how Sridevi got pregnant before her marriage. She got pregnant when her Boney was still married to someone else. Boney Kapoor got a divorce and the duo got married when she was seven months pregnant. Back then they called Sridev a home-breaker.

3. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput

Right when the duo got married, many hearts were broken that they are still healing! The duo has a 13-year age difference and Mira is in no way related to Bollywood except for her husband! Knowing the affair and relationships that Shahid had in the past, this marriage made the most buzz in the B-town and people could not stop talking about it! However, even though the marriage was arranged, they fit together like the pieces of a puzzle.

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