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TV characters that were killed in 2016

The television industry is the most entertaining industry globally. There are millions of serials playing daily in different languages and in different parts of the world. They're usually based upon few stories that start to unfold episode by episode every day. Few serials are played only in the weekdays and few are only played at the weekends.
Here we have some information about a few of the most popular TV series.


One of the most famous television serials till date is Game of Thrones and this serial is on a spree of killing its characters. One such important character was killed in 2016, the character's name was Hodor. He was killed while trying to help the prince to escape from getting killed in the hands of White Walkers.

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Commander Lexa

When Commander Lexa, a homosexual character, was killed in the series the 100, there was a huge outrage among the fans. Lexa’s character was played by Alycia Debnam-Carey. She is also known for her acting in the television series Fear The Walking Dead. Her fans wanted Commander Lexa to continue in the same way. Thought the homosexual character had attracted a lot of negative vibes among the media, the people still liked it.

Glenn Rhee

Glenn Rhee was a character in the most famous television series The Walking Dead. Rhee was played by the Korean American actor Steven Yeun. This television series is based on dead people also known as zombies getting back to life and killing other human beings. Glenn was killed by the main character Negan, who used a baseball bat to smash his head.

Nina Krilova

Nina Krilova was one of the most famous characters in the television series The Americans. The character Nina Krilova was working for the Russian spy agency and helping the Russians by leaking American intelligence information. She got caught by one of the FBI agents and started working with him to leak Russian intelligence. The Russian secret service found out about it and Krilova was taken back to Russia and charged with treason. She was killed by shooting a bullet into her head for another charge.

Theresa Cullen

Theresa Cullen character was played by Sidse Babett Knudsen in the television series Westworld. She played as the senior manager in the company that runs the Westworld. The character was very smart and intelligent, but she got into a relation with another character named Bernard Lowe who eventually killed her. The character Theresa Cullen had a lot of fans and they did not like it at all.

Vanessa Ives

Vanessa Ives was a character in the television series Penny Dreadful. The character of Ives was played by the gorgeous Eva Green who had a huge number of fans following her but, what's really surprising, all her fans were actually happy after her death because they were not able to watch the torture that character Vanessa was going through in her life. Vanessa Ives was shot dead by one of the other characters named Ethan Chandler.

Poussey Washington

Poussey Washington is one of the best characters in the television series Orange is the New Black. Samira Denise Wiley, the American actress, portrayed the character of Poussey Washington. Washington was sent to jail for dealing drugs. Her character ws a very gentle one and she always tried to be away from violence. Poussey was accidentally choked to death by a correction officer working in the jail.

Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar was the main character around whom the whole series of Narcos was filmed. This serial is about the Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It revolves around the life of Escobar while showing his life and the other people who were involved in his life. The story is narrated by one of the characters who played as an American anti-narcotics officer. Pablo was killed by the Colombian military in an encounter.
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