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Best things that happened in 2016

While 2016 is coming to an end we wanted to share a few nicest things that have happened last year. Though, there were many things that were not expected and saddening we want all of you to end the year on a happy note by recollecting the best things that have happened lately.
We would like to share only a few that will make you feel proud and joyful.


The conservation of tigers was a huge success this year. Most of the countries like India, Russia and Nepal were trying to conserve these big cats for a long time. Finally according to the surveys conducted this year there has been quite a good increase in the number of tigers around the world. Most of the countries have planned that they will also take proper measures to stop the extinction of these wild animals.

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HIV AIDS is one of the deadliest diseases that is spreading all around the world and there have been a lot of researches done to find a cure for it. Finally, few scientists have come very close to finding a cure for HIV which proves that in the coming years there will be a medicine for this deadly disease which is spreading at a rapid pace in many countries across the world.

Cancer tests

Cancer is also one of the deadliest diseases that is commonly found these days. There are more than hundred types of cancers found till date. Most people who die with cancer because we did not have tests that could give faster results. But this will not happen from now because few of the scientists from the UK have found rapid cancer tests that can save a lot of people from dying.

Pokemon Go

Games these days makes people lazy and spoil their health because most of the kids are stuck to their computers, phones and gaming consoles to entertain themselves. But Pokemon Go has brought a major change because this game can only be played by walking outside to catch Pokemons. Most of people who love this game are actually getting chance to be fit because they need to walk a lot to complete tasks.


The field of bioelectronics has seen a major development in this year. There were many types of research being done from a decade to invent and find things that could save people from getting affected or losing lives with different diseases. Finally, the parent company of Google that is Alphabet and GSK have got together and found an electronic chip that can be implanted in a human being’s body to monitor their nerves and take care of chronic diseases.


Saving environment has become one of the biggest concerns these days. A lot of countries and cities have seen a major increase in pollution and there were nobody who was could plan the control over it or curb pollution. But in 2016 in Uttar Pradesh, India, there were approximately 50 million trees planted in the span of 24 hours to save the environment. This might not save the environment but at least it is one step towards saving the nature and that's definitely a positive sign.


India had a major change with its currency notes. In a plan to fight corruption and black money the government of India has changed the look of currency notes and banned the old notes. It also introduced 2000 Rs notes for the first time. The government has implemented new rules for withdrawal and deposit of money from the banks and the electronic cash machines. This has created a lot of issues but in the same time it has been implemented for the betterment of the country.

Leonardo Dicaprio

2016 is the best year for Leonardo Dicaprio and his fans. He has not only acted in amazing movies but also won prestigious awards this year. Leonardo Dicaprio finally won the Oscar award for his acting in The Revenant. It was a long wait right from one of his movie Titanic till now. The Revenant also won two other Oscar awards for the best direction and cinematography.
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