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OCTOBER borns dating astrology!

Dating is a process that will take time and energy and not everyone is willing to go all the way since it can be frustrating at times. After the honeymoon phase of the relationship the reality hits you and you need to start getting to know the person you are dating more and more in order to have a successful happy relationship which not so easy to obtain. Knowing about the traits they share with other people that were born in the same month helps you to get that happiness and satisfaction in your relationship easier.

In this series, we will give you tips on how to keep you partner happy based on their birth month. To get October borns there, many things are needed to be considered. One of the most important things that you need to take in account is that they are looking for a relationship so sweet and attractive that can make their heart fly! They will not be the ones who is expressing their love first. Not taking the first step.

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Remember if you are the one who has been interested in them for a while and knows that the feeling is mutual, it is better for you to take things in hand and make the first move because no matter how long you wait, they are not going to do it! In fact, they are looking for someone who is willing to take the first step for them! Falling in love for them happens in the matter of the seconds!

They will fall for everyone who is basically the opposite gender! All they are looking for, is true love! A long lasting love that can sweep them off their feel and make them feel something they have never felt before. The men who were born in this month are looking for a beautiful lady that can level with them and the women are looking for a man that is strong! Someone who can show them the right path for life.

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October born women need to look for someone who is openminded if they want to make the right choice in their life. Someone who is successful in his career and his life. In addition to all that, someone who is in an stable state of finance. The thing about October born people, especially women is that they rarely get in a serious relationship with someone who has no future, life wise and career wise.

Since October borns are living in the world they have created in their dreams, they are searching for someone who is more of a go getter. Someone who is actually living in the reality.when it comes to love, they can even strike you as someone who is a little bit possessive. However, depending on their gender, things might go a little bit differently and their choices and traits may differ so for that reason we have divided them in two groups gender based.

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How to make an October born man fall for you

Your October born man is someone who is someone who is incredibly lovely. He can be a little bit anxious and a tiny bit aggressive but these are the only tiny flaws. An October born man is someone who is fair, fond of women, has a great taste in everything, and sometimes you can say that he is quite lazy and reluctant. If your partner is an October born man, you need to make sure that you look lavishing all the time.

If he feels like what you want is not rational enough, he will deny some and for the rest, he will reason! He might sound a little bit indecisive but he always has a reason behind everything. Even when it comes to love, he talks rationally! His smile will serve as a bouquet of blooming flowers to you without which you cannot live. Only women that are stone-cold and determined can resist his smile.

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How to make an October born lady fall for you

Your October born lady is someone who is an artist by all means. She is incredibly creative and full of emotions. She loves to live fancy and of course, that will cost her. But that is not the only reason why she needs the money. She also provides comfort for her partner with that money. An October born lady hate to be left alone. She knows how to divide work from her love life, so even if you have met her at your workplace, you won’t see her being unfair just because you are there!

She will always support you through thick and thin. She never likes to be the burden on her partner’s shoulder. She loves to pave the way for him instead of getting in his way. Being in a relationship with this woman is full of moral advantages. She respects your privacy completely, so you won’t find her opening your phone or being a tattletale. The key to a long lasting relationship with this lady is to act like you still are in the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

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