Published 2017-10-17
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The most embarrassing and ridiculous confessions Bollywood actors have made!

Sometimes stars make some comments that make the whole world think about whether they are qualified at all or not! If the position they are in is the one they actually deserve! As someone who is famous, they need to know that every single word they say is something that is going to be quoted or written somewhere! They should not leap without looking but of course, you cannot always be careful! They sometimes cut a part of your whole conversation and put some words in your mouth that you had never uttered them! Here is a list of those statements brought to you by Cosmo India!

Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar is a huge deal! He is a film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, playback singer, lyricist and television host. He is the director of the movie Dil Chahta Hai which received so many critical acclaims and won a National award. His highest grossing film is the Don sequel. He got the Filmfare Award for Best Actor for starring as Milkha Singh in the 2013 film Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. So it came as a surprise to us when he said this! "If she [a woman] asks if she's looking fat in a dress, you say, 'What dress?!'. Don't comment on her, comment on the dress."

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Salman Khan

Hearing this from Salman Khan was the turning point! We started wondering why we are the fan of this guys! "We all notice a good bod and I think every girl should know this. Some women are careless about their appearance or ignore their bodies once they are in a steady relationship. When the batting eyelids and shy smiles are replaced with frowns and pursed lips, and the curves turn into tires, that's when men begin to stray." Really Salman?!

John Abraham

Truth to be told, what this beauty mentioned is not so wrong! "I don't think a purely platonic relationship can exist between a man and a woman. Somewhere along the line, attraction does come in." Think about it! We all have had that someone or know that someone who believed they are only close friends but things turn sour after a while. Or even sweet! Not sour at all! So it is not that embarrassing.

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Ranveer Singh

Ok, we all agree on the fact that Ranveer Singh is one of the most charismatic guys in the industry and probably every single girl’s dream guy but this statement sounded a bit off! There is something wrong with others telling us how we should be like! "To get my attention, a woman has to be well turned out. Exude a positive, warm and friendly vibe. Make eye contact. And never forget to smile." Or was he addressing that special someone who is in his life!?

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is stealing many hearts lately by his performance in the blockbuster Judwaa 2. He even had his figure readied recently for his first wax figure ever for Madame Tussauds Hong Kong. He is the son of David Dhawan, film director. His Bollywood breakthrough was Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. For his performance in Badlapur, he received a Filmfare Award for Best Actor nomination. He once said: “The first thing I notice about a woman is how attractive she is—she obviously has to be attractive. And simplicity is a quality I admire, so she needs to be a simple person."

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Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor is also another person who is ruling the world lately with his Padmavati teaser! He is known as one of the most attractive actors in India. He received so many awards like the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Actor for Udta Punjab, the Best Actor award at Filmfare for Haider. He started his career as a background dancer and then made his debut in 2003 in the romantic comedy Ishq Vishk. However, even he had made some weird statements! "Over-romantic or overly 'fun' girls turn me off, and make me run a mile in the opposite direction!"

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan and his non-stoppable controversies caused by Kangana! Who is telling the truth?! No one knows! He once stated: “I never really had a relationship that lasted more than a couple of days. You know, the moment I'd start going out with a girl... okay, I can't say this without sounding like I'm boasting, but by day two they'd be, like, 'I love you', and that would turn me off.” Going through this statement makes us think that what Kangana is talking about can be right!?

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Ayushmann Khurrana

Knowing the background this guy has makes it impossible to believe that he stated something so rude and ridiculous! Doesn’t he know that we need someone to approve and admire our beauty 24/7?! Things men do not understand about women is just beyond us! Here is the statement: "Why do they need to ask if they're thin when they're clearly not, and worse, even when they're actually skinny? It's just beyond me!"

Aditya Roy Kapoor

"I've never understood why women have to go to the restroom in groups. What is THAT about?"! Was this a joke!? Tell us that he was trying to be funny because this is in no way acceptable! It is not the restroom, it is the consulting room! Dah! That is the reason why we go there in groups to see what we need to do with you guys! OMFG! Someone give this guy a fine article to read about how to know women!

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Piyush Gandhi
Piyush Gandhi 11/7/17, 7:08 AM
A post by FemiNazis Nothing's wrong with the statements
Pooja Khetan
Pooja Khetan 11/6/17, 7:08 AM
Rachael Lawrence you go girl! Proud of you!
Anurag Das
Anurag Das 11/6/17, 7:08 AM
Why would I do male bashing Rachael Lawrence... You said 'intead of male bashing' @[email protected] Btw I support gender equality not feminism. And please don't say that that's the same or else there wouldn't have been those 2 specific terms. Btw did you know in Europe in a survey 90% of the people said they support gender equality but only a very small % (forgot) said that they are feminists. So yeah.... I guess you will get what I'm implying here.
Anurag Das
Anurag Das 11/6/17, 7:08 AM
Btw according to WEF it'd take 100 years to close the gap between them and men which has increased from 84 years last year. Reason: 3rd wave feminism
Rohit Bollapragada
Rohit Bollapragada 11/5/17, 7:08 AM
Seems to be written by butthurt feminazis. They will give a standing ovation if actresses said the same thing about their male counterparts.
Madhurima Mandal
Madhurima Mandal 11/3/17, 7:08 AM
What Salman Khan did is body shaming So that's bad Anyways it's not his fault coz these people r just used to see skinny people who dnt have enough to eat
Rachael Lawrence
Rachael Lawrence 10/31/17, 7:08 AM
Well you're not so different then I guess. You can very well identify yourself in somewhat a similar category, instead of male bashing you're just helping the situation by adding fire to the fuel instead of educating those who need to understand the difference and support the right one.
Chaitra Hiremath
Chaitra Hiremath 10/31/17, 7:08 AM
I don't have to read it completely. Already know it's crap
Lovesagar Singh
Lovesagar Singh 10/31/17, 7:08 AM
Sahi to bola sabne behnchod.... Problem kha h? If Farhan would have commented on a girl and not on the dress it would be body shamimg... Even girls don't like those boys jo chep ho jate h... So does Ayushmann n hritik say.... Although i dont agree with john but the writer should visit a psychiatrist
Sameer Bishnoi
Sameer Bishnoi 10/31/17, 7:08 AM
Like the editor of this page would say "yes" if an ugly guy/ girl proposes to them? Judging others before seeing yourself.
Priyasmita Lodh
Priyasmita Lodh 10/31/17, 7:08 AM
This is literally a crap article
Rachael Lawrence
Rachael Lawrence 10/30/17, 7:07 AM
The difference my friend is that just because the origin of the two words feminism and feminine is 'femme' (woman) doesn't mean that it relates to just us. Only if you would have taken my advice and invested in a dictionary you'd realize that feminism means gender equality. I'm sure you'll not see a difference there either but here is a simple example to help you understand. I could be a feminist and fight for male rights and that would still be addressed as feminism. If I go and request the world to pay attention to male rape that is also being a feminist since I'm fighting for gender equality as male rape isn't discussed and is ignored.
Anurag Das
Anurag Das 10/30/17, 7:07 AM
I very well know the difference defined by dictionary. It's just that these 3rd wave feminists have made feminism a male hating club and that's it's identity now.
Kartik Aysola
Kartik Aysola 10/29/17, 7:07 AM
The writer keeps telling that nobody should be told what to do or say. Oxymoron article written by a sensationalist moron.
Príyanka Nemāde
Príyanka Nemāde 10/29/17, 7:07 AM
Wat a dumb fck article...
Lulua Bandookwala
Lulua Bandookwala 10/28/17, 6:07 AM
Nonsense! Everyone has a right to voice their opinion! There is nothing derogatory or offensive about either of the statements!
Sugandha Vasudeva Khurana
Sugandha Vasudeva Khurana 10/28/17, 6:07 AM
Stupid article... movie stars are also entitled to opinions... nothing wrong with these statements!!
Anurag Das
Anurag Das 10/27/17, 6:07 AM
Lol what's the difference?
Apoorva Pradhan
Apoorva Pradhan 10/27/17, 6:07 AM
Why are all these actors' most embarrassing statements ought to be the 'women' as the centre of thing? Your stupid page tried to push an agenda but failed miserably.
Rachael Lawrence
Rachael Lawrence 10/26/17, 6:07 AM
This post was lame I do agree but before relating everything to feminism go buy a dictionary. The words you're looking for is gender biased.
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