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Models with their unique beauty who revolutionized the fashion industry!

We all have that one friend, if we are not the one, who thinks everyone is beautiful no matter what. They strongly believe that there are no ugly people in the world. That everyone is beautiful in their unique way. Maybe years ago this perspective was considered as weird but now a growing number of people have the same perspective. Unfortunately, we have been given the definition of beauty by others so it is not that easy to call anyone, except for the absolute perfection, beautiful. In this list, we are going to introduce you to the models that changed this definition!

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Sara Geurts

Sarah is only 26 years old but looks a lot older. She suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which hinders the production of collagen responsible for skin elasticity. Her life was not easy. At school, Sara always tried to hide how she looked like. But in 2015, she found the courage to reveal herself to the world in order to support women who do not dare to be themselves and constantly compare themselves to the cliche definition of beauty!

People thought the NEXT model went under some surgeries to look the way she does!

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Duckie Thot

You have probably seen her in one of Rihanna’s cosmetic line commercials. Nyadak Thot from South Sudan, commonly known as Duckie, looks like a Barbie doll. When she won the first place in the Next Top Model competition in Australia, she was accused of having undergone a series of plastic surgery. She admits: People always say bad things about you, but their opinions do not determine who you really are.

Caitin Stickels

Caitin was born with a disease that makes her a unique woman. Photographer Nick Knight saw her photos on Instagram and was fascinated by her appearance to the point that he invited her to a photo session. I never dreamed of being a model. I have always observed this phenomenon from afar until now that I can take part in it. Caitin aside from being a model is an actress and a singer.

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Ralph Souffrant

This young man from Haiti has freckles all over his body. This is a very rare feature for someone with a darker skin color. The model says today I am proud of my freckles, but once I hated them. My family has helped me a lot. He said to Paper Magazine: “I also had an issue with how I looked. They didn't know how to accept me. They didn't want to talk to me or even shake my hand sometimes. That was the issue, my look and the fact that I did not speak any English.”

Rain Dove

Rain’s Instagram caption reads like this “Representing "human" in fashion, film & activism.”. The 26-year-old Rain Dove is photographed in two different ways: as a man and a woman. Nature gave Rain a look that fits both characteristics. Many believe that I am a man who has breasts, which I find ridiculous. I never thought of myself as someone of value. One day, however, everything changed.

The NEXT model never thought he could make it!

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Darius Vernon

Darius Vernon suffers from vitiligo, a condition that causes the skin to lose its pigmentation turning into what you see in the picture and in many cases he did not have an easy time when he was a child. For many years, their peers laughed at him. He even considered committing suicide. But one day he realized he wants to change everything! He said: “I was handed this physical difference and there were no instructions to go with it - you don't know how to deal with vitiligo. I spent years hating myself and the way I looked because of the ignorance of other people - but now I'm proud of who I am.”

Erika Linder

And another Rain Dove, or better say, Rain Dove is another Erika Linder. Erika Linder is a model who is often portrayed in male and female characters. He is very much appreciated in the fashion world and he is also appreciated by so many ordinary people. Erik says her imagination is too rich to limit her to appear only as a woman or as a man. She is a Swedish model and actress.

The two last unique models are found on NEXT page!

Molly Bair

Molly Bair was born in Pennsylvania in 1997. The exceptional beauty of this ex-tennis player over the years has been the reason for the mockery of children. Despite this, she has been employed as a model and today she is well known in the fashion world. She has become the apple of the designers' eyes! The whole world is working in her favor. In her interview with CNN, she said: “I would never think that a girl who spent most of her childhood with a unibrow, glasses and a Yoda shirt would be in Vogue Italia.".

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Xing Ye Zhi Jian

Probably, when you look at this mesmerizingly beautiful model, you ponder upon his gender. Not knowing exactly what he would identify himself as. That is what the whole world was thinking about when his picture went viral! He is considered by many people as the Chinese elf while other just appreciate his feminine feature! He is just too beautiful to be true!

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