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The dark side and the good side of people born in MAY!

The season in which a person is born affects the temperament of the individual. This is assured by several studies in the past decades where the main topic of discussion is the period we were born in. And it is this particular element which can affect our behavior. It also greatly depends on the sunlight that we receive or the outside temperatures we are subjected to frequently during our first years of life. Some of the factors affected are learning, sociability, and thoughts of a person.

Below we show the bright and dark side of those born in May!

The dark side and the good side of people born in MAY! 1

People born in May, have unique characteristics and personality that distinguishes them from other people. Apart from having a heart of gold, they are also very hard working. People born in early May are under the sign of Taurus and those born after May 20th are under Gemini. In both cases, we can see that Taurus and Gemini have dark and good sides of character!
Check out what features you can find in people born in May!
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The dark side and the good side of people born in MAY! 2

Good side (May 1 to May 20)

1. Generous
Those born in May, if you get to know them well, they actually have a huge heart. Whenever you are in trouble do not hesitate to go to them because they will do anything to help you to the best of their ability.

2. Determination
One of the qualities of these people is their passion and determination. They never throw away the task at hand until they finish it or at least have a progress. They are not the kind of people who leave things halfway, whatever they do has to be perfect.

Good side (May 1 to May 20)

3. Realistic
Those born in May think with their head and has their feet firmly planted on the ground. They rarely have their head in the clouds. The fact that they like a lavish life because it makes them feel free, gives the impression that they are a little pretentious.

4. Sensual
They are definitely sophisticated beings, which brings them that feminine and sensual aura around them, especially to the women. In general, they love romance and getting involved in an intimate relationship, which is something that does not scare them.

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Good side (May 1 to May 20) 1

Dark side (May 1 to May 20)

1. Materialistic
They are lovers of all material things. Shopping is one of their greatest pleasures. In fact, it's as much as they love food. They love luxury, and whenever they can afford it, they will tend to spend beyond their means.

2. Lazy
It is one of their worst characteristics. They may finish the work at hand, but sometimes they tend to procrastinate. Their work may be perfect but if it does not interest them, they could lose their motivation.

Dark side (May 1 to May 20)

3. Sensitive
Those born in May appear to be closed and reserved sometimes. The truth is that they are incredibly sensitive and everything affects them more than it should. They easily get hurt to the smallest things, so think before you say or do anything.

4. Uncertain
This is another of their characteristics which they should be careful about. Risks are not handled with care. They jump into harsh decisions without thinking of the consequences.

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Dark side (May 1 to May 20) 1

Good side (May 21 to May 31)

1. Conversational
Their personality itself reflects that they are incredibly talkative. They know what to say and how to say it. They have innate skills for speech and are 100% involved in almost all kinds of intellectual debates.

2. Talented
People in the month of May are usually very talented since they will never cease to amaze you. They have a curious and restless mind, always seeking to learn something new.

Good side (May 21 to May 31)

3. Funny
They have an incredible sense of humor. Their sense of humor can make everyone around them laugh. Sometimes they seem to have a PhD in Sarcasm. If ever there was a course like that...

4. Adaptable
They adapt so easily to all kinds of circumstances that show positivity as well as tranquility at all times. Possessors of an innate capacity for social skills are often charming beings to the rest of the society.

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Good side (May 21 to May 31) 1

Dark side (May 21 to May 31)

1. Unpredictable
First, they tell you one thing and within five minutes they are changing their minds. Their personality becomes so complex that they often mix emotions without thinking through things.

2. Distracted easily
They have a low attention span. They are often distracted by something so they spend more time than necessary in carrying out their projects. Many times it is more luck than the dedication that they show in certain tasks.

Dark side (May 21 to May 31)

3. Superficial
They always need something new. They see it and they want it at the moment, as fast as possible. They get bored with things easily. Sometimes this makes it difficult for them to put their lives on something good that lasts. They take into account the opinion of others a little too much.

4. Pokes their nose where it's not needed
The curious personality that distinguishes them makes to desperate to know everything that is happening. This complicates them to carry on a lasting relationship because they are there when they are least needed.

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Dark side (May 21 to May 31) 1
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Pooja Pahuja 11/3/17, 7:08 AM
I too am born on 21st May♡and I too think that the things mentioned here are applicable to us also so i consider myself as a taurian!
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Hibu Maz 11/3/17, 7:08 AM
Pooja Pahuja Taurus season ends at May 20th and Gemini Season starts at From May 21st
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