Published 2017-10-18
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Hacks you didn't know about WhatsApp!

Today it is practically impossible to imagine our life without our Whatsapp installed on our cell phone and consulting every few seconds. But although at first, it was only a smart agenda application, this tools within the most downloaded in the history of the APP has managed to make a hole impossible to replace in our phone. That is why this giant social networks got it to start implementing its philosophy and transform it into what it is today. There are so many new features in this application that are still left unknown to the user but today we are going to unveil them.

Create an event

It is crazy how now almost all the applications on your phone are connected to one another so it makes the multitasking process a lot easier! What you can do on so many application is also available on your WhatsApp! Have you noticed that whenever you mention a date or time, the color of the text changed and it is underlined?! What you can do is to simply click on that and click on “Create Event” option! As easy as that!

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Swipe on a message to reply

This can be the best and the easiest feature in this application! Has it ever happened to you that you are in the middle of an intense conversation and you want to address that one comment they made but there is no way! Or you have two different comments on two different questions but you know that if you send them both right after another the person will take one as the answer to the other one and misunderstanding happens!? This is what you can do to run away from this problem! Swipe on a message that you want to reply to and it will automatically be quoted!

WhatsApp's secret GIF library

The ones that have already used the chat application called Telegram know how important it is to have gifs! And for a long time there was no sign of that on your WhatsApp but guess what! You can use it right now with the richest library ever! Just follow these steps. Go to whatever chat page, and click on the plus sign on the bottom left of the screen, click on Photo & Video Library then click on GIF down left and search whatever GIF you need! Magic!

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Use WhatsApp to turn your videos to GIFs

Been going through the GIF library and you still are helpless?! Not able to find the right GIF for the reaction you want to express?! Why don’t you start creating one on your own?! How?! This is the way to do it. Go to whatever chat page, and click on the plus sign on the bottom left of the screen, click on Photo & Video Library, select a video from there, make sure it is less than 64MB and in the editing page of the video turn it to a GIF!

Send message without typing

Crazy, doesn’t it sound!? We said without typing not without talking, right?! So this is the way to do it. WhatsApp works with your iOS and if you have an android mobile phone, it actually works with OK Google too! You know how to do the rest. Call one of them depending on your phone, ask them to “send a WhatsApp to …(the name)…..” and then say "saying ……."! Ya! That is the way of sending a message to someone like a boss!

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Save data

Not everyone is rich enough to have the connection all the time! Sometimes we are even stingy but in order to kill two birds with one stone, you can save some data with your WhatsApp which is a great idea! All you have got to do is to click on the setting bottom down, right on your WhatsApp main page, then you are able to see an option saying "Data and Storage Usage". What you need to do next is obviously to click on this option and enable the "Low Data Usage". As simple as that!

Use different fonts to impress

How cool is that!? We find many posts on Instagram saying if you want to have different fonts get this app or buy this other one but what we have to say right now is with no fuss! Easy, just like the previous ones. All you need to do is go to the punctuation tab of your keyboard and put your whole text in a format like this one “` ` ` …...` ` `” and there is it! We told you it was going to be easy! You can also use this trick to type bold “*......*”.

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Restrict what information people see

We all have that one person that we do not want them to see our pictures or we don’t want them to read the status or most importantly, we do not want them to see if we are online or not and this is just the way to do it! Follow our footsteps! One more time, go to the setting bottom down, right on your WhatsApp main page, click on "Account" and then click on "Privacy", there you can find everything that can be changed “Profile Photo”, “About”, “Status” and “Last Seen”.

See who has read your message on a group chat

If you have written something that precisely addresses one person in a group but you have not heard a word as a reply from any of them, this feature comes in handy! All you need to do is to left-swipe on the message you have sent to the group and you will have a list of the people who have read the message and exactly when they have read it! This way you can catch them redhanded! How cool is that!

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