Published 2017-10-18
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The Dalai Lama personality test!

First just for the people who, like some of us, have no idea what and who Dalai Lama is, we are going to give them a quick review. Dalai Lama is a title that is given to the spiritual leaders of Tibetan people. The monks of Tibetan Buddhism. It has been said that this test is one of the most accurate personality test that exists, almost 97 percent. If you feel like this is not the case and you have seen better tests, why don’t you give it a try?!

There are some rules to this that we are going to explain. This test only contains three short questions, but the answers will surely surprise you. Do not fool yourself just because you are curious to answer. Your mind and your feelings are like a parachute: preferably when they are open. This test is also a good fun, but only if you strictly follow the instructions. Answer questions in order.

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These are just a few questions and if you read them before, your answers will not be sincere. Do not cheat!!! Take a pencil and write down your answers. You will need them later. This is a serious test of questions and answers that will tell you many truths about yourself. Answer the questions according to your feelings. Oh, and do not forget to take your color pencils with you! You will find out why later. Ready??!!

First, put in order 1 through 5 the following animals according to your preference:

a. Cow.
b. Tiger.
c. Sheep.
d. Horse.
e. Pig.

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The Dalai Lama personality test! 1

Second, write one adjective which describes each of the following:

a. Dog.
b. Cat.
c. Rat.
d. Coffee/Chocolate.
e. Ocean.

The Dalai Lama personality test! 2

Third, write the name of someone who really knows you well, is very important to you and who you can relate to the following colors… only one person per color… do not repeat names!

a. Yellow.
b. Orange.
c. Red.
d. White.
e. Green.

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The first question reflects the priorities in your life:

Cow: means work.
Tiger: means pride.
Sheep: means loyalty.
Horse: means family.
Pig: means money.


Second question:

Description of the dog is the view of self.
Description of the cat is the view of a significant other.
Description of the rat is the view of your enemy.
Description of your coffee/chocolate the view of intimacy.
Description of the ocean is the view of life.

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Interpretations! 1

Third question:

Yellow: Someone you will never forget.
Orange: Your good friend.
Red: Your love of your life.
White: Your twin soul.
Green: Someone you admire.

Interpretations! 2

Now that the whole test is gone, go back to all your answers and analyze them. How accurate do they sound to you?! Even though there are only a few questions to be answered with tiny little options, the accuracy of the result is something you cannot turn a blind eye on, right?! Let us know your opinion.
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Interpretations! 3
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