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Indians share their #MeToo stories!

After the whole story of Harvey Weinstein and his harassments were revealed many celebrities started sharing their story involving the same man! Later, the movement changed into something was more international and worldwide than the Hollywood world! After the hashtag #MeToo went viral, people started sharing their stories using the same hashtag but we only know that so many ladies in our country, India, face harassment on a daily basis that is almost normalized in the society!

Here are some stories that Indian shared on the media for you to ponder upon! But before going through the stories, we would like to show you the side which women showed on Facebook. Their answers will surprise the one that have buried their heads in the sand thinking the matter will go away! Number 1 said: “Me too. Every woman we know.”, Number 2 said: “Really? Is that even a question? Of course the answer is me too…

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“Editors who now strut around. Employers who got away. In sophisticated attire, or the average man on the street, in buses, on flights, in word, and in deed. People who you thought were friends, uncles who wanted you to sit on their lap. Men who imagined you were available coz u were single…” and Number 3: “Me, too. What I'd like to see is ONE woman who says NOT ME.”
So here are some of the stories of people who came forward and opened up.

Number 4 has written: “Me too. I too was sexually harassed by known and unknown men, as an adolescent and as an adult. There are many many more men, men holding high positions, talented men, super smart men, men who are our friends, relatives and acquaintances. And you know what, sexual abuse is not inevitable, nor accidental; it is always intentional and deliberate. AND IT CAN BE STOPPED. If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote "Me too." as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem.”

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Number 5: “I believe when I was a baby I was touched in a way that awakened my senses by one of my closest. When I was in middle school, I was asked to strip down by one of my seniors. Not too long ago, I obliged to the most draining emotional and physical demands of someone I thought I was in love with. And add to that 27 years of random gropes in concerts, public transport and even my very own colony where I grew up. The point I'm trying to make is that we get assaulted by people who are the closest to us without even realizing it. So Please recognize the difference of touch and teach your children the same.”

Number 6 said: “Me too ... in my own car. My mother was driving while he sat at the back with his hand under my skirt the whole time. I was 7. My sister was 11. His hands went everywhere inside my skirt and on my sister’s back. My father who was in a different car dislocated the bastard’s jaw with his bare hands later that night.”
Number 7 tweeted: “Any girl who’s ever used public transport in India - local buses/trains has been a victim of sexual molestation and harassment.”

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However, a post caught our attention since it was from a guy! Number 8: “I don't usually get carried away by social media trends, but this time it's different. Me too - I laughed and participated in sexist jokes and misogynistic humor, thinking it was just what 'men' do. Me too - I was part of a toxic culture where a woman was considered a conquest, an object created for physical gratification. Me too - I threw the word 'rape' around casually, without understanding the gravity of what it meant, of what it represented.

“Me too - I thought that men were in some way superior to women. Me too - I represented everything I despise about masculinity today. But it was the strong, intelligent, brilliant women I met who showed me how wrong I was - family, friends, flatmates, colleagues, and partners. They made me realize how difficult life can be for a woman in this fucked up, patriarchal world that has no basis or logic for considering men better.”

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“They showed me the meaning of true strength, of what it takes to survive, even thrive, despite society trying to keep them down at every possible opportunity. And long before the sexual harassment they were subject to came to light, I knew that men have to do better, that women deserve much, much better. I may not have the power to change this mindset, but I promise that I will not encourage it. That I will not be part of a conversation or social circle that considers women to be second-class citizens. It's the least I can do. And I know that I'm not alone.”

The names of the users are not mentioned due to their confidentiality. What we all need to be aware of it that, this is not a matter to be ashamed of. Something that you caused it. We are not the ones to blame and it is ok to start talking about. In fact you do need to talk about it to someone whom you trust enough. Let’s hope for the day that we, as ladies, can walk out on the street just like men without having the fear of being harassed!

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