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Published 2017-10-19
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7 Things that are important to man when he goes to bed with a woman

When a woman enters into a relationship with a man, it is a great experience for her. She allows her partner to approach more closely than in any other situation. If both of them want to do it, it can express their mutual fascination, love, and unity. Such approximation, if it is pleasant, will make the relationship deeper and introduces it to a completely different level. In this case, the emotions and engagement of the body count.

Therefore, if a woman goes to an intimate relationship with a man, she wants to show him the best side of her. She prepares herself not only mentally but physically too. In the meantime, it turns out that for a partner it is not important whether you have polished nails or a few hairs more where they are not needed. He will not notice it, because he is looking at other things. What? You can find the answer in our article...

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1. The way you move

During an intimate situation, the senses are important but it is not only a sight. It's about touch, the feeling of a partner, and that's why how you move it's meaningful for a man. For him counts your pace, your reactions, and your commitment. He wants to feel your body, and the more you try, the more he renders you with the same. How your body reacts to him will make your relationship more intimate and enjoyable. Both will appreciate it.

2. Your initiative

An initiative is an essential part of what the other person pays attention to in an intimate situation. He wants you both to feel good and to have both of you satisfied with the relationship. Therefore, he will be happy when you break the routine or when you do something he does not expect. Do not impersonate, rather try something new, something different. In addition, remember that passivity can be taken by him as indifference.

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3. Your eyes

As we have said in the intimate relationship, the meaning has many senses. And though you think that he is focusing on your body, for example, breasts, his attention keeps your eyes! Only when you look at him in the eyes, he feels a bond and excitement. After all, if you look down or watch your body, it means uncertainty, and when you look far away or at the ceiling, it is a sign that you are bored. If you like what he does, just express it with the eye contact!

4. Your breath

You probably have never thought about it, but when you're in an intimate situation, he listens to your breath! What is important for him, if it is whether fast or deep? Breath is one of the basic elements of the pre-game, and it's as much important during the relationship in bed. Just remind yourself that feeling when he breathes close to your neck... For him, it is just as pleasant as for you.

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5. If you are just after epilation

For women, every detail counts. But you actually have to talk about it. Some men like women shaved less, some more. But you have to know that, a little more hair in some parts, especially in the bikini area, will not be a problem or a barrier for him to go to bed with you. He will appreciate your efforts of course and will want to show you how he likes it, but that's all.

6. Your underwear

You probably always thought that the most important things happen when the clothes are not there. But the men actually pay attention to the underwear of the woman. They are visualizer. So it is worth from time to time, to show yourself from another side, a little wilder. To stimulate his senses and imagination. It's an easy way to encourage him to act. It is also an excellent variation in your intimate relationship.

7. Your scent during the close-up

You think that after a passionate moment you should run to take a shower, while actually, he likes your smell. It is an additional stimulus for him. Men value naturalness, and they do not mind when you are sweated after a passionate love. Do not be ashamed of it, just hug tight. He will know that you were trying and you were enjoyed your common moment.

We hope that from now on you know that for a man in intimate relationships it doesn't matter whether you have cellulite, whether you are fat or skinny, but that how you react to him. You do not have to wear a heavy makeup, just be yourself. The more confident you and how well do you know your needs, the more he will appreciate it. Do not let that your fondness for details, which he does not care, would take your pleasure away.

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