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How to know if someone likes you...

As the Beatles say "All you need is love"! Because it is known to be the most powerful force of the human race. We say that it is powerful because it multiplies the best in us, and allows humanity to move forward, to pass the wars and prevent the planet from ceasing to exist. Still all kinds of love begin with self-love. If you feel good about yourself you can motivate people.

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If one day you feel lost, without any hope and you do not know what to do, you must keep in mind this amazing force that we talk about. Although love, whenever it is for a partner, child or friend, still can be unsolved energy, that man should learn wisely and peacefully. To help you do it, we mention some tips on how to read the signs that someone likes us more than we think.

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According to studies carried out many years, 55% of the message you send comes from your body language. Such signs are mostly done subconsciously, but they appear to be accurate and true about our feelings. The ability to read this type of language is extremely important because it allows us to realize things that 90% of people ignore. On the other hand, we can use this powerful resource to positively have an impact on ourselves or on the person who seems so special for us.

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To know if a person is very interested in you, look at:

1. Posture: If someone is inclined toward you with an open posture, it means that you make him feel comfortable, send a positive energy and he is interested to get a little closer to you

2. Mild head movement: It has been proven many times that when women are experiencing a series of pleasant and seductive feelings they tend to tilt their head a little. And this happens automatically because it is controlled by the subconscious mind.

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3. Smile: It is said that when we think of or see that person we find attractive with no doubt we begin to smile three times more than normal! The reason why if you engage in conversation with a man you like and you smile more than once is because there is certainly a bond. The other known fact is that we find attractive people who are able to make us laugh, and we go into a relationship with people with whom we can laugh.

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4. How the person act: This is very important both in the normal interaction and in the long-term relationship. We find more attractive people who have a successful way of acting. Who are open, concrete and extroverted. And get ideas quickly.

5. Postural Reflection: This point has a high relation.t 4. If you like somebody you start to behave like him. It is the unconscious imitation of the person's posture when speaking. If you also want to someone to like you, all you have to do to is to imitate any gesture of that individual that generates so much curiosity and admiration.

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6. Posture while you are around: Mostly, men when they are in a company of lady they like, try to appear taller and more dominant. Women, on the other hand, around the beloved man, take more docile and low posture. So if you are a man, and she shows her fragility and tenderness, is a clear proof that she likes you more.

7. Something nervous on both sides: At the moment of the interaction, you will be able to feel that slight tension of attraction that exists only between you both and makes you pleasantly nervous. Unconsciously it is something that can be called chemistry.

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8. Smile at the same time: As we said before, the smile is the obvious sign that someone likes us or a proof that we like him to. But this is a quite different situation. In this point, we write about a case in which the smile is an involuntary response to genuine emotion. When it is a sincere sign and clear behavior that expresses satisfaction of being around you, the response to your glance...

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...From the point of view of relationships, if you are talking to the person you find very much attractive and you realize that he smiles to you as well, or when your sights meet and you both smile at the same time, then you have a high probability that you both will like each other. In such cases, you should continue the interaction. It might be a basis for something bigger.

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Once you have got here, you have learned a number of important information that we are sure will help you to be happy and to fall in love with that person you love so much. To understand simple signs that someone likes you. Body language is very interesting, and you should put it into practice so that you can live expressing the best of yourself and achieve that potential that you have but you have not figured it out yet.

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