Published 2017-10-24
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People born in NOVEMBER and their relatives, you need to know these 9 things...

2. It is difficult to understand them

Precisely because of their "private" nature, November borns are often misunderstood by other people. They are very warm and tender inside but it is impossible to get close to them and they never show their feelings around. Although they would never hurt their friends or relatives intentionally: it is prevented by the great empathy they have, others often see them be in disagreement with harmony and they are often blamed for things they have not done. That's why: November people prefer to be silent and suffer instead to defending themselves...

2. It is difficult to understand them

3. Their mind works differently

The November borns are also incredibly creative people: they like to be innovative in all aspects of life and they enjoy changing things for the better. While their attitude to everyday life and any of its fields usually has nothing to do with what others think or do. But people from this month are so perfectionist and well organized that they can manage their actions at any time, even doing things in a completely misplaced way.

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3. Their mind works differently
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10 Traits November borns are known for
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