Published 2016-12-09
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He returned to life with a message for us

Death is the only thing that nobody can stop in their lives. It is strange when you start thinking about what happens to you after death, but every religion and culture have their own explanation for it. A lot of times you might have heard that people have taken rebirth and sometimes you might not believe them. According to many religions when somebody dies their soul leaves the body forever and goes to either heaven or hell.

Death does not spare rich or poor people. It does not care which religion or culture they belong to. When your time is up, it takes you off permanently. But sometimes miracles do happen and in one case it did happen. There is one person who has reincarnated and has revealed a lot of information about what happens after you die...

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He returned to life with a message for us 1

Landon Kemp is one such fortunate guy who has died and got back to life and he has shared his experience about things that he has seen after he died. This guy met with an accident while he was traveling with his parents. His father Andy died on the spot but his mother Julie was still breathing so the doctors tried their best and saved the mother.

He returned to life with a message for us 2

Claiming that Landon Kemp was too lucky because after the accident his body was almost not to be seen but one of the medics found his body which was badly injured, is not a false claim. The only way to save this kid's life was to operate on his heart, luckily the doctors were heart surgeons so they have operated on his heart and saved this kid's life.

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He returned to life with a message for us 3

The doctors were able to save the kid from dying for the moment, but the actual test just started both for the doctors and Landon Kemp. Kemp’s heart was badly injured in the accident. Although they could save him, the doctors were not sure if the kid could live for a long time because they knew this kid has had major injuries nearby the heart and it could kill the kid at any moment.

He returned to life with a message for us 4

This was a very sad moment for Julie. She already lost her husband Andy in the car crash and now she is not sure if her son can survive. She was completely torn apart and she was only sitting there with a small hope that her son might return back to life. But she was very fortunate that Landon Kemp started responding to the treatment and he started recovering rapidly. This brought her a slight relief.

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He returned to life with a message for us 5

After fighting for 14 long days Landon Kemp got out from a coma which gave Julie life. The most surprising part was yet to come for Julie, she did not expect her son to come back from death and speak about spiritual things that he has experienced after dying. Julie told Landon about the death of his father and surprisingly he said: "Yes, I know about it". She was very confused because from when his father died, Landon was in a coma.

He returned to life with a message for us 6

So instead of saying a word Julie started to listen to everything that her son Landon was telling her. Landon told her that he had met his father in the sky and he got to know that his father passed away. He also spoke about seeing his brothers who died because Julie had undergone abortion twice, this surprised Julie a lot because she never spoke about this anytime with anybody in her life.

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He returned to life with a message for us 7

Then Landon shared things which got him into a shock because he got a message from God stating I am sending you back to life and God wanted him to spread the message about how life is after death and the experiences he has had after dying. After listening to all of this, Julie decided that she will be writing a book on this just to obey God's message that is to spread this information to as many people as possible.

He returned to life with a message for us 8

Landon Kemp devoted his entire life to spirituality and humanity. He started preaching about religion and God to people. He also shared his experience about his life after death with as many people as possible. This does not happen to a lot of people but there might be few people in our world who can relate their lives to such experiences because you need to be too fortunate to come back from death.

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He returned to life with a message for us 9
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