Published 2017-10-25
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Get the man of your dream forever with these 6 steps!

Your dream man is somewhere there waiting for you. If you are reading this article with the same presupposition make sure you know what you want from the man of your dream, because if all you want is someone whom you are his whole life, then we are obliged to warn you. It is absurd that someone is addicted to happiness of the other person and in no way is healthy. It applies both ways. It is not good for a man to determine your happiness either.

Remember that your own life can make sense and move in the right direction only when you define it yourself. You should be the determinator. Whether you spend your days alone in your plans or sharing them with another person, you have to define yourself. Time spent in solitude allows you to know yourself perfectly and enjoy life. It allows you to appreciate the freedom and possess the ability to understand yourself, the mechanisms that invariably occur in you.

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During this period you will be able to better direct your personal development and you will understand that before you start loving another person, you must first learn to love yourself. However, if you feel that this is precisely your desire that you do not want to be alone anymore, but want to share your life with someone else, let us help you with this article. Perhaps the man of your life is within reach! Follow these steps!

1. Makeup

We know how this may sound like but don’t you want to get the man of your life?! The most important thing is not to see a millimeter of what is natural. We must always be beautiful. The man does not expect anything after a long day of work, like the fact that he will be greeted by a perfect wife with a ready dinner. Naturality is already an experience. Remember to stay natural and use the help of makeup to enhance your beauty.

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2. Reads books

Before going further than this, let us tell you that this list is not going to be like any others. It is quite different or even weird but you need to ponder upon all these items and only then you will realize that we are right! Read to find out what your husband-to-be will enjoy in the distant future. You will be able to satisfy his whims. And of course, you read books for the sake of your own development.

3. Be interested

Everything you should really care about is to entertain your husband who returns home after a long working day. He should see you sweet and smiling. Do not talk too much about yourself, you should take care of him. Make sure to be there for him. Be an attentive listener and listen to whatever he has to say, things that happened at work that made him feel uneasy or anything like that. Let him know that you are interested.

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4. House chores

Tell him you are familiar with running a house. As his future wife you can clean and cook well, and this is the most important thing. Be sure to tell him all the things you will do for him to please him. Remember that no matter how much we talk about things that men should help women with, still they want someone who knows how to cook and how to take care of things. Something that makes them feel like home.

5. Nag

Don’t you dare to complain! You cannot complain about anything. You must always be nice and always give him your smile. Also, since you cannot think and decide for yourself, you do not have to worry. The man will take care of all your troubles. Remember that all of this is before the marriage. Once you are in, the tables turn and the rules of the game completely change so be patient and give him all the love you can.

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6. Feel well

Make sure you always feel fine around him. Let him know that he has the right to dispose of every aspect of your life. You will be what he wants you to be and do whatever he tells you. You do not want to be alone. Remember that when you respect the man of your dreams, he respects you back and that is exactly what a healthy relationship should be like. Even if you disagree with something.

Now you are ready to fight the possibility of remaining a single woman. So be happy with yourself first and foremost. Bring your person above all in the face of others. Remember that what they say is an external reflection of their inner fears.
If you are married or have a partner, treat those words as a joke. After all, we know that the desire to be in a relationship does not mean blind submission. The article has an ironic undertone and exaggeration so do not take it too seriously.
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