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Celebs who have played both as lovers and siblings on screen!

Juhi Chawla & Akshay Kumar

Juhi Chawla will always and forever stay everyone’s favourite actress and of course, when she teams up with Akshay Kumar, the screen is on fire! We all still remember the legendary couple in the film series Khiladi. It even made Akshay Kumar famous and known for his irresistible pairing with Juhi Chawla so people wanted more and more! But guess what they received! Them playing as siblings in Ek Rishta. At least they were there together, right?!

Deepika Padukone & Arjun Rampal

Another Deepika due. This two are one of the most good-looking pairs in Bollywood and having them as a couple on the big screen was a blessing for all the fans! We still cannot get over Om Shaanti Om! Maybe the couple was not the reason why the movie was unforgettable but we cannot deny how good looking the pair is right?! Well, if you want to see more of these two, you can check Housefull even though they are siblings there, you still get to see them together!

The NEXT couple is the most popular duo in Bollywood!

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