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Celebs who have played both as lovers and siblings on screen!

Juhi Chawla & Sanjay Suri

Then, of course, another duo with our lovely Juhi Chawla. Who wouldn’t want to play with her!? Whatever the role is going to be, we are just ready to be standing in the same group as she is! Seems like Bollywood celebs also agree with us as we had Sanjay Suri portraying her husband in the movie Jhankaar and then as her brother in the movie My Brother...Nikhil. What a blessing to have your name right next to Juhi Chawla!

All these pairs were what we were all looking forward to only because they were together regardless of what kind of relationship they had! Whether it was a kinship or not and we still would love to having more of these iconic dues because, at the end of the day, all that matters is that amazing performance they give us.

Do you also have a favourite duo that you want to see on the silver screen?!
Which one of these couples was your favourite?! Let us know!

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