Published 2017-10-26
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9 Signs that he is not thinking about a relationship but only to go to bed with you

2. All about one topic

This is your first meeting and instead of getting to know you, all he says is connected to the intimacy or has an erotic meaning. Even when you are trying to ask him about his life or work, he doesn't listen to you and also is not interested in anything about you, except this one topic. If you notice that for him everything has a second meaning and leads only to how to make love with you, the best way is to walk away. You might also directly show your opinion about such a behavior but we cannot assure you that such a man will listen or understand...

2. All about one topic

3. He cannot have an intelligent conversation with you

No matter if it is during a date in the restaurant or the phone call, but with every word he says or with his every expression you gain sure that he is not capable of holding an intelligent conversation with you. Sometimes it might happen, of course, that very valuable man is not a talker. Fair enough, but as a woman, you can definitely feel if he has a rich inner or came to see you only to have fun at night. Do not waste your time for this second kind.

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3. He cannot have an intelligent conversation with you
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