Published 2017-10-26
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9 Signs that he is not thinking about a relationship but only to go to bed with you

4. He watches other girls

Instead of getting to know you while you are on a date, he constantly checks out every girl passing in a restaurant. And he doesn't even try to hide it! He just looks at them in front of you... But being honest, this is a sign that he is not interested in you but wants something from you later. It also can mean that he is a potential cheater or a womanizer. No matter what you really want to be with the man for whom you are not the only one!

4. He watches other girls

5. He knows your body not you

During a meeting, you have noticed that he looks at you very closely. He watched you from top to bottom at the very beginning. Even while you were talking he mostly looks at your breast, not in the eyes. We know that men are visualizer but there is a difference when someone is attracted to you or just ogle you. Actually, you can easily check this. Ask him few questions about you. If he will wonder or would not know the answers, but you will be sure that he can describe every detail of your body, you will know what he is interested only.

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5. He knows your body not you
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