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Bollywood celebrities who have been body shamed tell their story and have some advice to share with you!

How Sonam is turning this into an inspirational move is also fascinating. You can see all her photos that are before getting ready and after and she has a reason for that as well, “The one thing that I truly believe in is to never give young girls or women, who follow me, a false perception of who I am. That’s why there’s always a ‘before’ and ‘after’ image that goes up. There’s a lot of effort that goes into making me look this way, it’s my job.”

“There are a lot of professionals working on me and it takes a lot of money. I don’t want girls to think that it’s easy or that this is how I wake up. I want to remind these girls that it’s OK to celebrate yourself but also to not put so much pressure on yourself. I am a disaster in the morning. I want everyone to know that beyond all of this, there is a regular, normal girl who has bad skin, bad hair days, and cellulite and sometimes is not self-confident at all.” Hearing such words from someone like her means so much to us, ladies!

You will never believe who the NEXT celebrity victim is!

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