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India's SECRET artists!

India and the Indian culture is quite well-known for the music and colors. The group dance. The shiny Bollywood world. All that is the stereotypes that people have in their mind of India. There are so many people in our country that are trying so hard to make our world a better place to live with what they have to offer in different fields like comedies, fashion, theater, poetry and a lot more. In this article, we are going to introduce only a few of the masterminds behind our beautiful world.

Upasana Makati

Not sure if you have heard any of these names or know them personally but they are few of the greatest people living in our country. Upasana Makati is 27 and she is the co-founder of White Print. White Print is a monthly magazine that is published at Mumbai’s National Association for the Blind. About her work, she said: “In a world obsessed with technology, it was still difficult to find reading material for the visually impaired. There is a perception issue, apart from the functional, infrastructural problems the community faces on a regular basis. There is a lot of work to do, like improving access to public places, transport, education, and entertainment. Our mindset towards the visually impaired community needs to change.”

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Sumukhi Suresh

Our funniest ever Sumukhi Suresh! She is 29 and is a popular and well-known comedian. She has her own regular stand-up comedy shows and also Disgusts Me which is for women who are invited to the show. You can find her on YouTube Better Life Foundation. She stated: “The humor we’re exposed to on TV is very misogynistic, that’s why it seems normal to a lot of people. The only way this can change is if there are more comics who are women and more women in the audience.”

Sanket Avlani

Sanket Avlani has one of the most creative minds. He is a 29-year old art director and designer who came back to Mumbai to work on his full-time project which is to redesign the interior part of the cabs in Mumbai! “Visual artists are used to expressing themselves to a limited set of people, whereas this lets you design something for a much wider audience. It’s a contemporary interpretation of local stories and iconic symbols around us.”! Soon you will see TaxiFabric’s vehicles everywhere!

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Sonali Zohra

Just a glance at her Instagram account shows how unique this girl is! Sonali Zohra is a 27-year-old illustrator and photographer. Some people may call her pieces of art, dark but we let you guys decide! She says: “I’m primarily influenced by nature. I find joy and inspiration in the small things, like watching my garden grow. Just keep doing. Don’t stop, don’t question yourself too much, just do what you feel like doing.”

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Natasha Vakil

Hilarious would be the word that we think of when we think of Natasha Vakil. She is one of the funniest YouTubers. Most people know her as Gangsta Gudiya. The catchy rap songs that you will find on YouTube searching Gangsta Gudiya will make you lose your mind! Her debut rap song is called Bhaji shop which is about buying vegetables! She says: “I’m not against cursing or using bad language, but I do feel that people will listen more willingly to what we have to say if they can’t object to the manner in which it is said.”

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Sahil Vasudeva

Classical music has never sounded so fine! Sahil Vasudeva is a 30-year-old classical pianist and composer. He came back to Delhi to work on his solo project called Opus and also to reunite with his old love! He, just like us, is a huge Chopin fan! “There is a creative and technical genius to this 300-year-old music that cannot be replicated. The structures within Western classical have given rise to almost every existing musical form.”

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Nush Lewis

Nush Lewis is a harpist, a singer, a songwriter and a music teacher. The first time harp caught her attention and she found her passion with it was when she was studying at Chennai’s KM Music Conservatory, vocal major in 2009. She says: “Our theory and history professor, Alison Maggart, is a harpist and I got to watch her at one of the school’s performances. The instrument alone was so majestic and seeing her play sparked a curiosity.”. You can find her first EP, Fused everywhere.

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Priyanka Paul

And we are down to two of the people on our list that hold a special place in our heart, one of which is Priyanka Paul, an 18-year-old sweetheart who is an illustrator and poet. Her works are in the field of gender and race. She says: “Female se**ality is still seen as taboo around the world; oppression is universal, which is why the series connected with people. Art on platforms such as Tumblr and Instagram is helping artists talk about—and create work for—subjects they didn’t before.”

Kajal ‘Dizy’ Singh

One of the most beautiful people in this world is Kajal ‘Dizy’ Singh, 23, graffiti artist. She fell in love with hip-hop, breakdance and the old graffitis in New York and she brought that love back home. She says: “The current state of the graffiti scene in India is like the European scene of the ’80s— it’s still growing.”
All of the individuals on this list are trying their best to share their talent with the world and make a better world for us Indians. The least we can do is to support them.

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