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Indian astrology of men and women born in November!

People are always curious to know more about themselves and thanks to different types of astrology that we have, they can just search online and read all about the month they were born in or the zodiac sign they were born under! We have also covered a vast ground on this subject, however, the one that we have not touched yet is the Indian astrology of the months, which we will be covering in the following series. Each month will be divided into 2 parts based on gender and the positive and negative common traits of each will be covered.
In this article, we will be talking about NOVEMBER borns! Ready?!

November born men

November born men

The magnetic attraction of a November born man is something that makes the earth stop and orbit in the opposite direction! That is just how attractive they are! They are incredibly strong and that strength is not only something that is physical it is also mental! As individuals, they are someone whom all women will fall down on their knees only by looking at them. They can make people do whatever they want for them, especially women. Some girls will even stalk them!

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November born men 1

That might even happen to you! You might also find yourself being helplessly in love with a November born man. These people are mostly in high positions when it comes to the career they are in, such as the manager of the company or an organization. Even the boss! Appearance wise, a November born man is a brunette with dark black hair and dark black eyes. Although you might find someone who is quite the opposite that is what they mostly are like.

November born men 2

They drink you with their eyes! They have a provoking gaze that makes you crazy. There is the possibility of seeing them as people who are overweight because of the love they have for food. Deep down they want to be fit but don’t we all?! In relationships, they are sincere. For him, someone who is petite and tiny is a great choice of partner. Their partner also needs to be someone who is a live wire. If your partner is someone who is a November born, you need to follow these rules…

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November born men 3

First things first, you need to put your trust in them. Even when they make mistakes, you need to believe that they are right and nothing is wrong with the decision they have made. They need you to believe in them wholeheartedly, even blindly. There is also no way that you can compete with them. Not that you cannot, it is just that he does not want you to be their rival. They are great when it comes to fatherhood.

November born men 4

What you need to be aware of is that this quality will last until they are able to control their jealousy. Make sure that you are not giving all the attention to the kid. They express their love for babies more than any other months. Unfortunately, their occupied and worried mind has a direct effect on their lives. They are the real definition of a cluttered mind. They are extremely confident that may be the cause of envy but they also are full of worries and fears. There are some qualities that are common in women that were born in this month as well. Here are some!

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November born men 5

November born women

Women who were born in this month are cold! The tranquility that these women have can make you fall for them so deeply or it can make you feel like you want to run far, far away from them. It might even hurt you! You should take your time to learn what kind of person they are. Of course, they are not that cold inside but it is your duty to dig deeper and study them more meticulously.

November born women

Most of the women that were born in this month are extremely voluptuous. Even when they are completely quiet, their eyes will talk to you at full volume. They are so intriguing that people are always following them everywhere they go. You might probably fall for that as well! Love will embrace every inch of their body. They react to every single thing from their emotional perspective. If you find the way to their heart, you will always be there.

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November born women 1

Before letting it all get to your head, do not forget that these ladies will make you regret everything if you take one step more and cross the line. Do not even think about cheating on them because only with a look, they will learn all your secrets. They hold onto their grudges no matter how long it has been! You might have to pay the price for something you had done ages ago. They can turn into overprotective parents too. They believe if a door closes into their faces and another one will open!

November born women 2

If you choose to be with a November born lady, you will have the best time of your life with her. No matter if she is the love of your life or your partner, she will always be there for you and makes sure that you always have someone to lean on. They are one of a kind. Or to be more precise, the best of their kinds! Do not forget that this might appeal to someone and may not to the rest! People’s personality and appearance differ depending on so many different factors.

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